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These files for MacOS X work with Gforth 0.5.0. They have not been updated for Gforth 0.6.x, which pretty much builds out of the box.
README.osx10.1.x 04Feb05 15:26:43EST 677
README.osx10.2 04Feb05 15:26:47EST 2.0K
_sync_cache_range.c 18May03 14:49:36EDT 2.5K
config.guess 04Feb05 15:26:04EST 45K
config.sub 04Feb05 15:26:24EST 44K
gfbench-osx 04Feb05 15:26:28EST 1.6K
gfconfig-direct-osx 04Feb05 15:26:33EST 233
gfconfig-indirect-osx 04Feb05 15:26:36EST 237

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