Command Files

NML.s 15Jul15 12:17:38EDT 184 Link9 executable for Macintosh (dnw). Used to build the Link executable in ../bin.
ML.s 15Jul15 12:17:38EDT 132 /usr/MAC/Link9 executable for Macintosh.
NELY.s 15Jul15 12:17:38EDT 142 Linker object file to be used with Ldo for debugging or cross building, for systems that use Arch9.a.
AM.s 15Jul15 12:17:37EDT 155 Link.y for Amiga, 68000 code only.
MK.s 15Jul15 12:17:38EDT 77 Link9.y for Minimum for debugging or cross building.
NELM.s 15Jul15 12:17:38EDT 116 /usr/sys/Link.y for Minimum ROM system.
NEL.s 15Jul15 12:17:38EDT 129 Link9 executable for Minimum.
NELY12.s 15Jul15 12:17:38EDT 145 Link12.y for Motorola Unix. Use k=12, or k=-12 for debugging or cross building.
NNL.s 15Jul15 12:17:39EDT 126 Link_n cross built executable for NeXT. Uses Link15.y made with "NELY.s 15".
TORCH.s 15Jul15 12:17:39EDT 212 Link_t cross built executable for Torch.

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