Command Files

These scripts build the assemble with the name AAman, rather than AAma. Thus the scripts will not find it, instead of /usr/bin/AAma, in the execution path. Some assemble the software floating point emulation module Emul.a and/or link with Emul.y, which implements the assembler .EMUL directive for systems without hardware floating point.

Those scripts that take a command line argument need k=#, where # specifies the system. See the comments in Amacro.e about MACHINE=.Key. The option for making a special assembler (one that assembles the assembler), requires an extra 100, for example k=114 for the Macintosh or k=109 for the Minimum.
NAM.s 16Jul15 12:10:19EDT 192 AAman for the Macintosh, with Emul.a.
NAL.s 16Jul15 12:10:19EDT 67 Link preassembled block object files to produce AAman, without Emul.a.
NAX.s 16Jul15 12:10:19EDT 131 AAman from source for the specified system, without Emul.a.

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