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Vsys Utilities Source

The source files contain more details about program usage than the brief comments here.
Cmp.a 26Aug15 11:37:27EDT 6.7K Report differences between two files.
Das.a 26Aug15 11:37:49EDT 22K Disassembler for M68000/68020/68881.
Days.a 26Aug15 11:37:55EDT 2.8K Compute number of days between two dates.
Fdif.a 26Aug15 11:37:58EDT 9.8K Compare two files line by line.
Flag.a 26Aug15 11:38:01EDT 7.8K Show flag use in files listed in Search.
Fnames.a 26Aug15 11:38:05EDT 11K Search for a list of nonalphanumeric delimited names in the files mentioned in Search.
Mfile.a 26Aug15 11:38:09EDT 4.2K Encode a binary file as ASCII.
Mifile.a 26Aug15 11:38:13EDT 4.1K Decode an ASCII-encoded binary file.
Reguse.a 26Aug15 11:38:20EDT 3.5K Count register usage in a source file.
Stats.a 26Aug15 11:38:27EDT 8.7K Show the amount of memory required by a program in a block object file.
Strip8.a 26Aug15 11:38:29EDT 2.1K Strip the eight bit of possibly binary characters in a file.
Vlib.a 26Aug15 11:38:33EDT 13K Library program for block object files.

NeXT Keymap

Gkmap.a 26Aug15 10:53:37EDT 3.3K Write current keymap to keymap.out.
Skmap.a 26Aug15 10:54:10EDT 3.4K Set keymap from file.
nextkeys.a 26Aug15 10:56:28EDT 8.5K Write default keymap to object file.
NeXTkeys 14Jun91 12:29:29EDT 836 Binary default keymap converted from object file.
Vkeys0.a 26Aug15 10:56:48EDT 8.8K Object file for V editor keypad map.
Vkeys0 14Jun91 12:29:29EDT 854 Binary V editor keypad map converted from object file.

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