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The traditional Vsys root directory was /usr, not only for the Minimum and the Macintosh Micro Shell, but also for the NeXT. Because it is a UNIX system, it would not have been unnatural to have used /usr/local with the NeXT. That could be done by adjusting a few built-in paths in the NeXT branches of the Vsys source, but we have chosen to keep the original paths in this distribution. Thus, the following directories are to be located in /usr.

Text files in this part of the Vsys distribution have LF line endings.
ALIB/ Libraries for the A multiprecision compiler.
ASM/ Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma).
bin/ Executables.
COMP/ The A multiprecision compiler.
COMPX/ Examples of A compiler usage.
DBG/ Block object file loader and symbolic debugger, Ldo.
DIAGRAM/ Program for drawing diagrams.
doc/ Documentation.
ed/ Terminal screen editor.
edp/ Supplements.
EMUL/ Floating point emulation.
IOst/ Standard IO for various M680x0 systems.
lib/ Files used by the Vsys tool chain.
Load/ Block object file linker.
minlib/ Source for various command line utilities.
TSCHIP/ Schoonschip.

Command Files

Many Vsys command files for the NeXT are based on those for the Macintosh Micro Shell. They run without change as standard UNIX shell scripts under NeXTstep if a soft link to mv is put in the execution path with the name chnam. For example, execute the following as root:
  cd /usr/bin
  ln -s /bin/mv chnam
NeXT Vsys command files sometimes include UNIX shell comments introduced by #. These have to be removed if the files are to be used with the Macintosh Micro Shell, which does not support comments in command files.
GenVsys.s 05Feb22 17:43:02EST 1.1K Generate the Vsys toolchain in /usr.

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