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Edit.a 25Sep15 15:56:44EDT 90K
Emanag.a 25Sep15 15:56:46EDT 55K Conditionally loads terminal descriptor and editor commands.
Emacro.e 25Sep15 15:56:44EDT 6.2K Included by Edit.a and Emanag.a.
../edp/Cpack.a Small header code included by Edit.a
IoctlAm.a 25Sep15 15:56:46EDT 7.7K Extra code for Amiga console windows, conditionally included by Edit.a.

Command Files

Unlike the working snapshot version of the editor in ../bin/, called V, this version does not display a help screen when executed with no command line argument.
Ved15.s 25Sep15 15:56:50EDT 234 Ved15 executable for NeXT.
Ved15c.s 25Sep15 15:56:50EDT 261 Ved15c executable for NeXT.
Ved14c.s 25Sep15 15:56:50EDT 299 Ved14c executable for Macintosh.
NV.s 25Sep15 15:56:48EDT 115 V_n executable for NeXT.
NE.s 25Sep15 15:56:47EDT 64 Ved.y for specified system, not linked with standard IO.

Terminal Descriptor and Editor Commands

License statements have not been inserted into the files in this section so as not to disrupt the semiautomatic process by which the *.doc files are produced from the *.e files. The *.e files are includes for Emanag.a, and the intent is that they should share its license.

Includes, not all used.
Amiga.e 25Sep15 15:56:41EDT 6.7K
Ansi.e 25Sep15 15:56:42EDT 6.6K
Atari.e 25Sep15 15:56:42EDT 5.1K
ATT.e 25Sep15 15:56:42EDT 5.6K
Mac.e 25Sep15 15:56:47EDT 6.3K
Macintosh.e 25Sep15 15:56:47EDT 6.6K
Next.e 25Sep15 15:56:48EDT 6.7K
Sun.e 25Sep15 15:56:49EDT 6.4K
Torch.e 25Sep15 15:56:49EDT 5.9K

Docs created from *.e files, and the editor macros used. The web versions of the *.doc files actually have an extra .txt extension to trick browsers into treating them as text. The .txt extension should be removed if they are downloaded directly from the browser instead of as part of the archive file.
Ansi.doc 25Sep15 15:56:42EDT 13K
Mac.doc 25Sep15 15:56:46EDT 14K
Macp.doc 25Sep15 15:56:47EDT 14K
Next.doc 25Sep15 15:56:48EDT 14K
Sun.doc 25Sep15 15:56:49EDT 17K
Torch.doc 25Sep15 15:56:49EDT 13K
V.doc 25Sep15 15:56:50EDT 14K VT terminals.
Cmacr.e 25Sep15 15:56:42EDT 1.1K Editor macros for producing *.doc.files.

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