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These command line utilities typically provide usage information when executed without required arguments. More information can be found in the source files. See, for example, minlib/.
A 14Jun91 12:28:18EDT 208K The A multiprecision compiler.
AAma 14Jun91 12:28:24EDT 96K Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma).
AAml 22May92 17:25:43EDT 96K Version of AAma with larger working memory.
Cmp 14Jun91 12:28:44EDT 24K Report differences between two files.
Das 14Jun91 12:28:42EDT 32K Disassembler for M68000/68020/68881.
Days 14Jun91 12:29:01EDT 24K Compute number of days between two dates.
Fdif 14Jun91 12:28:45EDT 24K Compare two files line by line.
Flag 14Jun91 12:29:07EDT 24K Show flag use in files listed in Search.
Fnames 14Jun91 12:28:47EDT 24K Search for a list of nonalphanumeric delimited names in the files mentioned in Search.
Gkmap 14Jun91 12:28:53EDT 24K Read NeXT keymap into keymap.out
Kermit 14Jun91 12:28:29EDT 40K
Ldo 14Jun91 12:28:06EDT 32K Block object file loader, executor, symbolic debugger.
Link 05Jan94 14:55:23EST 32K Block linker.
Mfile 14Jun91 12:28:50EDT 24K Binary to ASCII-encoded file.
Mifile 14Jun91 12:28:48EDT 24K Inverse of Mfile.
Reguse 14Jun91 12:29:09EDT 24K Count register usage in a source file.
Schip 13Mar92 15:05:13EST 128K Schoonschip.
Schip20 01Jul92 15:06:24EDT 128K Schoonschip with 20 MB RAM workspace.
Skmap 14Jun91 12:28:52EDT 24K Remap the NeXT keyboard according to the keymap file given on the command line.
Stats 14Jun91 12:29:05EDT 24K Show the amount of memory required by a program in a block object file.
Strip8 14Jun91 12:29:04EDT 24K Strip the eight bit of possibly binary characters in a file.
V 14Jun91 12:28:38EDT 48K Text editor.
Vlib 14Jun91 12:28:41EDT 24K Library program for block object files.

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