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This is the same as the 2009 open source distribution of Schoonschip, updated to use the Vsys dual license.


../doc/Update.e Updates and corrections.


Schoonschip.a 10Jul15 17:07:11EDT 17K Main program.
Statis.a 10Jul15 17:07:14EDT 2.9K
Setz.a 10Jul15 17:07:13EDT 16K
Tafman.a 10Jul15 17:07:14EDT 8.3K
Lovbug.a 10Jul15 17:07:04EDT 28K
Inlay.a 10Jul15 17:07:02EDT 6.0K
Inp.a 10Jul15 17:07:02EDT 13K
Readin.a 10Jul15 17:07:09EDT 26K
Lees.a 10Jul15 17:07:04EDT 18K
Schoon.a 10Jul15 17:07:11EDT 63K
Intask.a 10Jul15 17:07:03EDT 21K
Exec.a 10Jul15 17:06:58EDT 13K
Hugo.a 10Jul15 17:07:01EDT 59K
Martijn.a 10Jul15 17:07:06EDT 68K
Gammas.a 10Jul15 17:07:00EDT 60K
Anneke.a 10Jul15 17:06:57EDT 5.9K
Helene.a 10Jul15 17:07:00EDT 21K
Number.a 10Jul15 17:07:08EDT 30K
Schuif.a 10Jul15 17:07:13EDT 43K
Outlay.a 10Jul15 17:07:09EDT 17K
Schrijf.a 10Jul15 17:07:12EDT 28K
Outask.a 10Jul15 17:07:08EDT 27K
Wrong.a 10Jul15 17:08:25EDT 5.9K
Messa.a 10Jul15 17:07:06EDT 13K
Code.e 10Jul15 17:06:57EDT 2.0K Sizes and copyright.
Smacro.e 10Jul15 17:07:13EDT 12K Common macros for Schoonschip source.

Examples and Tests


Command Files

The Schoonschip source has no conditional assembly for the machines enumerated in IOst. Machine dependence is handled in the build scripts below by explicit linking with the appropriate IOst.y, or by linking with the -n option for a native build.

In the following, the object file Schip.y is made by linking Schoonschip object files without IOst.y, and the object file Schip.yy is made by linking Schip.y with IOst.y.
Compile.s 10Jul15 17:06:57EDT 294 Assemble Schoonschip object files.
NS.s 10Jul15 17:07:07EDT 647 Link Schoonschip object files to make Schip.y, link that with IOst.y assembled for the Macintosh to make Schip.yy, and execute Schip.yy with Simple.e.
AMIGA.s 10Jul15 17:06:56EDT 334 Build an Amiga executable, assembling IOst.y and assuming that Schip.y exists.
ATARI.s 10Jul15 17:06:57EDT 221 Build an Atari executable, assembling IOst.y and assuming that Schip.y exists.
MINIMUM.s 10Jul15 17:07:06EDT 147 Build a Minimum executable, assuming that Schip.yy exists, and handling IOst with Link -n.
NEXT.s 10Jul15 17:07:07EDT 413 Build a NeXT executable, assembling IOst.y and assuming that Schip.y exists, with a command line option to change the maximum RAM workspace.
NE.s 10Jul15 17:07:06EDT 252 Link and execute Schip.yy, rebuilding only Exec, Hugo, Martijn, and Gamma.
NI.s 10Jul15 17:07:07EDT 281 Link and execute Schip.yy, rebuilding only Inlay, Readin, Lees, Schoon and Intask.
NO.s 10Jul15 17:07:07EDT 246 Link and execute Schip.yy, rebuilding only Outlay, Schrijf, and Outask.
Simple.e 10Jul15 17:07:13EDT 85 Test program run by the execution of Schip.yy in several of the above scripts.


Convent.e 10Jul15 17:06:58EDT 11K Schoonschip conventions.

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