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IOst.a 18Oct15 08:12:02EDT 94K 14 Macintosh, plus standard IO consolidation for the systems below, excluding 5, 12, and the unnumbered generic C system. The enumeration is a conditional assembly selector for the indicated system.
Ioc.a 09Jul15 10:54:34EDT 11K C
Iocrds.a 09Jul15 10:54:35EDT 64K 1 Unos, Charles River Data Systems
Iounis3.a 09Jul15 10:54:44EDT 65K 4 Unisoft, Torch
Iohp3.a 09Jul15 10:54:36EDT 21K 5 Hewlett Packard
Iomu3.a 09Jul15 10:54:39EDT 67K 6
Unix System V, Motorola
Unix System V, Stride
Ioat3.a 09Jul15 10:54:31EDT 67K 7 AT&T Unix
Iomin.a 09Jul15 10:54:37EDT 8.7K 9 Minimum
Iosun.a 09Jul15 10:54:42EDT 66K 10 Sun
Ioatari.a 09Jul15 10:54:34EDT 68K 11 Atari
Iomac.a 09Jul15 10:54:37EDT 67K 12 Unix System V, Macintosh II
Ioamiga.a 09Jul15 10:54:30EDT 8.7K 13 Amiga
Ionext.a 09Jul15 10:54:39EDT 23K 15 NeXT

Legacy Startup

The following code has been incorporated into the linker and IOst.a. The startup code in Nextstart.a is identical to that in Ionext.a, and functionally identical to that for the NeXT in IOst.a.
Nextstart.a 15Oct15 12:16:50EDT 3.7K NeXT startup source for Nextstart.ab, or optionally for Crt0.y, the latter to be linked with files produced by the A compiler.
vnext.a 30Sep15 12:08:44EDT 19K Vsys position independent or absolute to NeXT object file translator with optional loading of Nextstart.ab.
vnexto.a 30Sep15 12:08:44EDT 16K Vsys to NeXT object file translator with translation of relocation records.

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