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The Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma) needs relatively few IO functions and does not use the standard IO modules. IO code for the various systems is contained in Vmain.a.
Vmain.a 09Jul15 13:08:57EDT 69K Main program. Initial comments summarize calling sequence options.
Vassm.a 09Jul15 13:08:56EDT 95K Block assembler.
Ctable.a 09Jul15 13:08:50EDT 91K
Instr.a 09Jul15 13:08:54EDT 77K
Emul.a 09Jul15 13:08:51EDT 25K Floating point emulation.
Finals.a 09Jul15 13:08:52EDT 76K
Backw.a 09Jul15 13:08:48EDT 44K Disassembler.
Amacro.e 19May17 09:27:46EDT 12K Storage and machine parameter includes.
Aobject.e 09Jul15 13:08:47EDT 51K Included by Backw.a.

Command Files

These scripts build the assembler with an extra 100 in the machine option, for making a special assembler (one that assembles the assembler). For example, k=115 for the NeXT and k=114 for the Macintosh. See the comments in Amacro.e about MACHINE=.Key. The scripts include the optional software floating point emulation module Emul.a, which implements the assembler .EMUL directive for systems without hardware floating point.
AA15.s 09Jul15 13:08:45EDT 230 AAma15 executable for the NeXT.
AA15c.s 09Jul15 13:08:45EDT 249 AAma15c executable, functionally identical to AAma15. For cross-building on other machines, but works on the NeXT as well.
AA14c.s 09Jul15 13:08:45EDT 308 AAma14c executable for the Macintosh.


hello.a 09Jul15 13:08:52EDT 2.6K Command line standard IO, basic pseudo's, subroutine and startup stack arguments, argument addresses, etc.
hello.s 11Sep15 15:41:22EDT 199 Build hello executable.
hello1.a 11Sep15 15:41:23EDT 3.0K A version of hello.a that loads IOst.a and explicitly jumps to its entry code.
hello1.s 11Sep15 15:41:23EDT 156 Build hello1 executable.
Argu.a 11Oct15 15:34:50EDT 1.9K Display command line arguments.
Argu.s 11Oct15 15:34:51EDT 172 Build Argu executable.


asm_var.e 09Jul15 13:08:47EDT 15K Assembler variables.
Notes.e 09Jul15 13:08:54EDT 638 Miscellaneous.

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