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The source files contain more details about program usage than the brief comments here.
Checkfil.a 18Feb15 10:01:35EST 2.2K Check for non-ascii characters in a file.
Cmprom.a 18Feb15 10:01:36EST 2.1K Compare rom with absolute file.
Ddif.a 18Feb15 10:01:36EST 4.7K Compare lengths of files in two directories, with optional creation times. Later version in minlib/.
Dec.a 18Feb15 10:01:36EST 3.5K Decode an ascii file.
Decode.a 18Feb15 10:01:36EST 2.0K Decode a Schoonschip key file.
Dol.a 18Feb15 10:01:37EST 5.3K Replace lower case pseudo instructions by upper case, and $ by #.
Enc.a 18Feb15 10:01:37EST 3.4K Encode an ascii file.
Fdif.a 18Feb15 10:01:37EST 6.4K Compare two files line by line. Later version in minlib/.
Find.a 18Feb15 10:01:37EST 3.2K Search and replace source code snippets.
Getrom.a 18Feb15 10:01:37EST 1.6K Copy ROM contents to file A_8....
List.a 18Feb15 10:01:38EST 5.8K List a file with or without line numbers, or print the first line of a collection of files given in a list.
Mak.a 18Feb15 10:01:38EST 3.0K Make character list for HP printer.
Pages.a 18Feb15 10:01:38EST 3.5K Separate a file into pages for printing. Duplicated in minlib/.
Pagin.a 18Feb15 10:01:38EST 9.4K Printer formatting with sections, pages, and footnotes. Duplicated in minlib/.
Tasc.a 18Feb15 10:01:38EST 3.9K A less developed version of Tibm.a?
Tibm.a 18Feb15 10:01:39EST 12K Translate letters for Diablo printer with IBM printwheel. Duplicated in minlib/.
Waitret.a 18Feb15 10:01:39EST 2.0K Wait for response from terminal.

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