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The source files contain more details about program usage than the brief comments here.

Generic Programs

Some of these files load Iolib.a, which contains the "most used traps", those that were used in common for standard IO functions by the Amiga, Macintosh, and the defunct Minimum. It also includes some extra traps used by the Macintosh Micro Shell, and possibly by the Minimum, which are however not used by the programs in this section. Some of the files include a "Unix" option k=-1, which omits Iolib.a and supplies global labels appropriate for linking with an IOst.y assembled for any of the Vsys systems in IOst.a. That includes the Atari and the NeXT.

We believe, but have not tested, that it would be consistent with the functioning of the programs in this section to add the k=-1 option to those that do not have it. And that the option would function correctly with the three "most" systems as well. If so, Iolib.a could be retired in favor IOst.a.
Iolib.a 14Feb15 08:08:13EST 5.3K A version of standard IO which includes the traps used in common by the Amiga, Macintosh, and Minimum. Has only one conditional assembly switch, which includes or excludes a couple of global labels.
Abs.a 14Feb15 08:08:01EST 6.9K Convert binary file data to block object code.
Afile.a 14Feb15 08:08:01EST 5.7K Convert a Motorola-style S-file into an absolute file. See Sfile.a.
Archive.a 14Feb15 08:08:02EST 11K Collect the files listed in Search into a compressed archive file. See Extract.a.
Binary.a 14Feb15 08:08:03EST 2.0K Check if files are binary, i.e., contain 0 or a negative character in the first 32 bytes.
Cbitmap.a 14Feb15 08:08:03EST 8.9K Compare bitmaps and locate differences.
Cflist.a 14Feb15 08:08:03EST 8.0K Compare two file lists containing creation times, sizes, and names.
Cmp.a 14Feb15 08:08:03EST 6.7K Report differences between two files.
Crlf.a 14Feb15 08:08:04EST 4.6K Convert linefeed, carriage return, or combination.
Das.a 14Feb15 08:08:05EST 22K Disassembler for M68000/68020/68881.
Days.a 14Feb15 08:08:05EST 2.8K Compute number of days between two dates.
Ddif.a 18Feb15 11:37:10EST 5.0K Compare lengths of files in two directories, with optional creation times.
Divide.a 14Feb15 08:08:06EST 3.7K Divide a file in smaller parts.
Extract.a 14Feb15 08:08:07EST 6.5K Extract individual files from an archive made with Archive.
Fcap.a 14Feb15 08:08:07EST 9.7K Search files, or the file Search, for words starting with an upper case character, with options.
Fdif.a 18Feb15 11:37:15EST 9.8K Compare two files line by line.
Flag.a 14Feb15 08:08:08EST 7.8K Show flag use in files listed in Search.
Fnames.a 14Feb15 08:08:08EST 11K Search for a list of nonalphanumeric delimited names in the files mentioned in Search.
Fnamesp.a 14Feb15 08:08:08EST 11K Another version of Fnames.a.
Fstring.a 14Feb15 08:08:08EST 8.0K Search for a nonalphanumeric delimited string in files listed on the command line or else in the file Search.
Ftob.a 14Feb15 08:08:09EST 13K Convert f77 fortran files to block object format.
I.a 14Feb15 08:08:11EST 60K Command line interpreter for the A computational languge.
Map.a 14Feb15 08:08:14EST 5.8K Print loading map. Obsolete, better done with Stats.
Mfile.a 14Feb15 08:08:14EST 4.2K Encode a binary file as ASCII.
Mifile.a 14Feb15 08:08:14EST 4.1K Decode an ASCII-encoded binary file.
R50.a 14Feb15 08:08:16EST 3.1K RAD50 conversion.
Reguse.a 14Feb15 08:08:16EST 3.5K Count register usage in a source file.
Set81.a 14Feb15 08:08:17EST 1.9K Activate M68881 coprocessor.
Setime.a 14Feb15 08:08:17EST 5.8K Change creation time of files.
Sfile.a 14Feb15 08:08:17EST 12K Convert an absolute file into a Motorola-style S-file. See Afile.a
Stats.a 14Feb15 08:08:18EST 8.7K Show the amount of memory required by a program in a block object file.
Strip8.a 14Feb15 08:08:18EST 2.1K Strip the eight bit of possibly binary characters in a file.
Stripb.a 14Feb15 08:08:18EST 3.2K Remove trailing blanks and tabs on lines in a file.
Tabs.a 14Feb15 08:08:18EST 2.6K Replace tabs by blanks in a text file.
Tail.a 14Feb15 08:08:18EST 3.1K Print the last n lines of a file.
Vlib.a 14Feb15 08:08:20EST 13K Library program for block object files.

System or Device Specific Programs

These programs depend on system data formats or command syntax, paths such as /usr/FLOP/, RAM disks, printers, floppies, communication ports, etc.
Adtime.a 14Feb15 08:08:01EST 4.6K Add dates of files in Dlist to file names and write to Dlist.t.
Atari.a 14Feb15 08:08:02EST 27K Read and write Atari floppies.
Cpibm.a 14Feb15 08:08:04EST 4.0K Copy files obtained from a dump to an IBM floppy.
Copy.a 14Feb15 08:08:03EST 4.5K Prepare a command file x.x for copying from the current directory to another directory.
Copyt.a 14Feb15 08:08:04EST 4.4K Copy one file to another only if the latter has an earlier date or is nonexistent.
Cpt.a 14Feb15 08:08:04EST 3.3K Compare two files for creation time.
Cutfil.a 14Feb15 08:08:04EST 4.3K Shorten the log file.
Date.a 14Feb15 08:08:05EST 8.8K Get or set time and date. Atari, Minimum, Unisoft only.
Dotpr.a 14Feb15 08:08:06EST 4.0K Prepare a file for a dotmatrix printer.
Dump.a 14Feb15 08:08:06EST 17K Dump all files listed in the file Flist to /ram or a file.
Gezel.a 14Feb15 08:08:09EST 3.8K Something to do with Macintosh file signature.
Gotoif.a 14Feb15 08:08:09EST 5.7K Interpret if <expr> goto in command line scripts.
Hi.a 14Feb15 08:08:09EST 5.9K Print jobs contained in log file.
Histo.a 14Feb15 08:08:10EST 8.4K Print histogram report.
HPagin.a 14Feb15 08:08:10EST 11K Prepare text files for HP deskjet printer.
IBM.a 14Feb15 08:08:13EST 74K Read and write IBM floppies.
MacCom.a 14Feb15 08:08:14EST 15K Communicate with a port, supposedly connected to a modem.
NewDlist.a 14Feb15 08:08:15EST 5.0K Create command files Dlist and DLIST_ from Dlist.t produced, presumably, at another machine.
Pages.a 14Feb15 08:08:15EST 3.5K Separate a file into pages for printing.
Pagin.a 14Feb15 08:08:15EST 9.4K Printer formatting with sections, pages, and footnotes.
Pt.a 14Feb15 08:08:16EST 14K Send and receive files through a communications port.
Readx.a 14Feb15 08:08:16EST 3.6K Program used by Tra to transport ascii files.
Remove.a 14Feb15 08:08:16EST 4.1K Create command file to remove files from current directory.
Repairec.a 14Feb15 08:08:17EST 5.1K Repair of bad floppy records.
Tibm.a 14Feb15 08:08:19EST 12K Translate letters for Diablo printer with IBM printwheel.
Timecheck.a 14Feb15 08:08:19EST 2.2K Check if the clock has changed by more than a week since this program was last called.
Timorder.a 14Feb15 08:08:19EST 21K Order files by time of creation.
Tr.a 14Feb15 08:08:20EST 3.9K Combine files into x.x for transport. Obsolete.
Tra.a 14Feb15 08:08:20EST 7.7K Make a transparent tty connection to another machine.
Tri.a 14Feb15 08:08:20EST 3.3K Inverse of Tr.a, resplit the file x.x.

Command Files

AM0.s 14Feb15 08:08:01EST 261 Amiga startup preparation.
MDLIB.s 14Feb15 08:08:14EST 414 Make various system stand-along routines.
NEWB.s 14Feb15 08:08:15EST 176 Make executable files that must be linked with Iostd.y.
NEWR.s 14Feb15 08:08:15EST 82 Make a new version of an executable in /usr/bin/ from a sequence of source files in the current directory.
NMAC.s 14Feb15 08:08:15EST 82 Make a new version of an executable in /usr/MAC/ from a sequence of source files in the current directory.
TRY.s 14Feb15 08:08:20EST 75 Test script for Gotoif.a.

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