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Alib.l 13Aug95 06:27:44EDT 37K A compiler library.

Block object files

Crt0.y 31Jan91 15:33:35EST 198 Startup code for A compiler executables.
Deb.ab 21Sep97 08:18:29EDT 16K Debugger subroutines for Ldo.
Dis.ab 12Sep97 04:51:17EDT 9.5K Disassembler subroutines for Ldo.
15Jul15 10:55:39EDT
15Jul15 10:55:39EDT
15Jul15 10:55:39EDT
Linkers for Atari, Macintosh, and NeXT cross builds using Ldo.

The standard IO file Iostd.y is used by some legacy scripts, such as ../ed/NEM.s for the editor, and ../minlib/NEWB.s for command line utilities. Its replacement, IOst.y, does not appear here, and is not called as /usr/lib/IOst.y by any of the scripts in this Macintosh directory tree. Rather, the practice was either to rebuild it from source before linking, or to include it in the source with the .REXT assembly pseudo-instruction, with cross system or special application variations.
Iostd.y 30Dec92 14:22:57EST 1.4K Legacy standard IO.

Editor commands and macros

Com_amb.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 1.7K
Com_amiga.sa 23Sep15 11:46:23EDT 8.0K
Com_default.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 6.8K
Com_mac.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 4.4K
Com_macp.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 4.4K
Com_micro.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 6.7K
Com_next.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 6.1K
Com_old_amb.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 5.8K
Com_vt200.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 6.4K
Com_vt52.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 5.6K
Com_wyse75.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 3.4K
com_wyse99.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 4.1K

Terminal descriptors

Crt_amb.sa 12Feb15 08:59:51EST 2.3K
Crt_amiga.sa 23Sep15 11:46:34EDT 2.0K
Crt_mac.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.1K
Crt_macp.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.1K
Crt_micro.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.2K
Crt_next.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.1K
Crt_old_amb.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.1K
Crt_vt100.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.0K
Crt_vt200.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.1K
Crt_vt52.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.0K
Crt_wyse75.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 3.1K
Crt_wyse99.sa 12Feb15 08:59:52EST 2.0K


The help file below is text, except for ASCII null characters used by the help command to look up command names. See ../doc/y_help.txt for a pure text version.
y_help 28Feb15 15:49:23EST 37K Macintosh Micro Shell help file.

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