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These directories and applications are located in the Vsys root directory, known to the Micro Shell system as /usr.
ALIB/ Libraries for the A multiprecision compiler.
ASM/ Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma).
bin/ Executables.
COMP/ The A multiprecision compiler.
COMPX/ Examples of A compiler usage.
DBG/ Block object file loader and symbolic debugger, Ldo.
doc/ Documentation.
ed/ Terminal screen editor.
edp/ Supplements.
EMUL/ Floating point emulation.
IOst/ Standard IO for various M680x0 systems.
lib/ Files used by executables.
Load/ Block object file linker.
MAC/ Current Micro Shell commands and Macintosh utilities, and an earlier version of Micro Shell.
minlib/ Source for various command line utilities.
TSCHIP/ Schoonschip.
util/ Source for more command line utilities, including earlier versions of a few in minlib/.
XMAC/ Micro Shell.
XSYS/ Classic Macintosh applications with Micro Shell embedded.

Classic Applications

These files are in MacBinary format to preserve resource forks. Your Macintosh system may or may not automatically decode them when downloaded. If it does not, they can be decoded under OS X (Yosemite) by clicking on them, or by running the following from the command line:
    macbinary decode Xtop.bin
    macbinary decode MacSchip.bin
    macbinary decode MVedit.bin
Xtop.bin 13Jan15 12:02:02EST 64K Micro Shell.
MacSchip.bin 20Mar15 17:32:18EDT 281K Schoonschip.
MVedit.bin 13Jan15 12:14:12EST 170K Text editor.

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