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These terminal descriptor and editor command files are for use by systems with a Vsys command line shell, to change the behavior of the screen editor and the command line editor. More up to date versions are in the lib/ directory.
Com_amb.sa 12Feb15 09:42:31EST 1.7K
Com_default.sa 12Feb15 09:42:32EST 6.4K
Com_wyse75.sa 12Feb15 09:42:32EST 9.3K
com.sa.ibm 12Feb15 09:42:31EST 6.5K
com.sa.vt200 12Feb15 09:42:31EST 6.2K
com.sa_am60 12Feb15 09:42:31EST 6.0K
crt.sa.amb 12Feb15 09:42:32EST 2.1K
crt.sa.ansi 12Feb15 09:42:32EST 2.1K
crt.sa.ibm 12Feb15 09:42:32EST 1.9K
crt.sa.tvi 12Feb15 09:42:32EST 1.8K
crt.sa.vt100 12Feb15 09:42:33EST 2.1K
crt.sa.vt200 12Feb15 09:42:33EST 2.1K
crt.sa.wyse 12Feb15 09:42:33EST 1.9K

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