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These command line utilities typically provide usage information when executed without required arguments. More information can be found in the source files. See, for example, minlib/, MAC/, ...
A 08Jan94 16:11:09EST 76K The A multiprecision compiler.
AAma 08Jul98 04:34:08EDT 98K Ann Arbor Macro Assembler (AAma).
Abs 06Jan94 04:14:56EST 1.8K Convert binary file data to block object code.
Add 12Aug95 08:53:19EDT 6.3K
Adtime 03Sep95 03:46:05EDT 1.8K Add dates of files in Dlist to file names and write to Dlist.t.
Archive 19Apr92 16:23:12EDT 3.2K Collect the files listed in Search into a compressed archive file.
Cbitmap 09Mar95 05:32:39EST 2.0K Compare bitmaps and locate differences.
Cmp 03Apr92 04:46:32EST 2.1K Report differences between two files.
Copyt 03Sep95 04:40:26EDT 1.7K Copy one file to another only if the latter has an earlier date or is nonexistent.
Cp 03Oct97 13:37:00EDT 2.3K
Cpibm 18Sep94 16:50:35EDT 1.6K Copy files obtained from a dump to an IBM floppy.
Crlf 01Sep96 15:03:47EDT 1.9K Convert linefeed, carriage return, or combination.
Cutfil 12Apr91 16:16:23EDT 1.9K Shorten the log file.
Das 26Jun94 06:13:31EDT 15K Disassembler for M68000/68020/68881.
Days 19Apr92 16:51:19EDT 1.1K Compute number of days between two dates.
Extract 19Apr92 16:23:00EDT 2.5K Extract individual files from an archive made with Archive.
Fdif 08Jan94 16:32:24EST 3.1K Compare two files line by line.
Finfo 02Jan98 09:59:56EST 3.5K
Flag 08Jan94 16:23:59EST 2.6K Show flag use in files listed in Search.
Fnames 20Dec99 07:38:58EST 5.9K Search for a list of nonalphanumeric delimited names in the files mentioned in Search.
Font 18Jan95 14:51:02EST 7.5K
Fstring 15Jan01 16:19:19EST 2.3K Search for a nonalphanumeric delimited string in files listed on the command line or else in the file Search.
Gauge 08Jan98 07:31:41EST 14K
Gezel 22Mar00 07:27:57EST 354
HP 07May95 06:15:19EDT 197
HPagin 08Jan94 16:29:00EST 3.8K
Hi 19Apr92 16:57:45EDT 1.9K Print jobs contained in log file.
I 23Oct97 03:48:40EDT 20K Command line interpreter for the A computational languge.
Kermit 27Aug97 11:03:12EDT 20K
Link 24Apr91 19:04:07EDT 15K Block linker.
Login 16Mar95 03:06:59EST 2.2K
MacCom 30Nov99 03:21:56EST 4.3K Communicate with a port, supposedly connected to a modem.
Macic 10Sep97 06:22:41EDT 2.7K
Macicon 27Aug97 08:59:44EDT 3.5K
Maclink 12Jan98 04:54:45EST 5.0K
Medit 08Mar03 08:44:45EST 105K
NewDlist 03Sep95 03:46:15EDT 2.1K
Paint 18Jan95 14:51:14EST 4.5K
Pict 18Jan95 14:51:23EST 5.8K
Reguse 19Apr92 16:58:46EDT 2.2K Count register usage in a source file.
Schip 21Nov97 04:43:38EST 111K Schoonschip.
Schip_small 13Aug97 14:31:43EDT 111K A version of Schoonschip with smaller working memory.
Set81 30Jun94 15:42:28EDT 298 Activate M68881 coprocessor.
Setime 29Oct96 10:16:36EST 2.3K Change creation time of files.
Showfont 03Apr92 07:00:33EST 1.4K
Stats 29Dec97 13:27:51EST 5.2K Show the amount of memory required by a program in a block object file.
Strip8 19Apr92 17:04:38EDT 1.9K Strip the eight bit of possibly binary characters in a file.
Tail 19Apr92 17:19:14EDT 2.3K Print the last n lines of a file.
Tfont 03Mar98 07:49:33EST 186
Timecheck 08Jan94 16:31:04EST 818 Check if the clock has changed by more than a week since this program was last called.
Timorder 29Dec97 13:36:38EST 8.2K Order files by time of creation.
Tra 14Mar91 06:02:13EST 1.0K Make a transparent tty connection to another machine.
V 21Oct97 05:06:33EDT 32K Text editor.
Vlib 13Jun94 11:50:55EDT 4.1K Library program for block object files.
argu 30Aug94 10:20:35EDT 2.3K
fcheck 07Sep97 10:52:03EDT 1.7K
format 03Apr92 07:18:01EST 1.1K
ldo 06Jan94 11:05:26EST 13K Block object file loader, executor, symbolic debugger.
ls 01Jan98 07:28:50EST 2.6K
passwd 28Apr09 19:29:49EDT 54
rm 03Apr92 07:20:30EST 1.4K
rmr 07Jul96 13:39:05EDT 32
shutdown 18Aug97 14:40:35EDT 322
stty 25Mar95 09:55:04EST 3.1K
su 06Apr92 18:51:24EDT 5.1K

System Initialization

This file is in macbinary format because it only has a resource fork. Your Macintosh system may or may not automatically decode it when downloaded. If it does not, the file can be decoded under OS X by clicking on it, or by running the following from the command line:

    macbinary decode Sysinit.bin
Sysinit.bin 26Feb15 15:39:59EST 384

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