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The purpose of the files in this directory is to produce Vsys-compatible, classic Macintosh applications with clickable icons. That is done by combining a preassembled object file for the microshell with one or more existing Vsys executables, icon and font resources, and interface glue for the classic Macintosh window system. For example, the Schoonschip application MacSchip contains the shell and the Schip and Medit executables.

The main engine is Maclink, with special options for the shell application Xtop, MacGraph, MVedit, and MacSchip. MacGraph is not included in this distribution.


Maclink.a 10Apr15 17:09:17EDT 15K Produce a Macintosh application with Vsys Block executables from /usr/bin. See the .CPAGE section of the file for details, and the command files below for examples.
Macic.a 10Apr15 17:09:15EDT 11K Incorporate icons with a single application.
Macicon.a 10Apr15 17:09:15EDT 10K Incorporate simple custom icons with a single file.

Command Files

The Maclink, Macic, and Macicon executables are expected to be in /usr/bin; and Xshell.o, produced from the files in XMAC, is expected to be in the working directory.
NED.s 10Apr15 17:09:17EDT 210 Construct MVedit.
NSC.s 10Apr15 17:09:17EDT 206 Construct MacSchip.
NT.s 10Apr15 17:09:17EDT 224 Construct Xtop.
NTm.s 10Apr15 17:09:17EDT 207 Construct a small memory version of Xtop.
NXX.s 10Apr15 17:09:18EDT 95
x.s 10Apr15 17:09:22EDT 230


HP3.f 10Apr15 17:09:13EDT 2.6K
HP4.f 10Apr15 17:09:13EDT 4.0K
HP6.f 10Apr15 17:09:14EDT 7.0K
HP9.f 10Apr15 17:09:14EDT 15K
Hewlett.f 10Apr15 17:09:13EDT 2.6K
Waalwijk.f 10Apr15 17:09:22EDT 3.2K


These files are in MacBinary format to preserve resource forks. Your Macintosh system may or may not automatically decode them when downloaded. If it does not, they can be decoded under OS X by clicking on them, or by running from the command line, for example:

    macbinary decode Schip.ic.bin
    macbinary decode Schip.pic.bin
Sail.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:18EDT 7.5K
Sail.pic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:18EDT 768
Scha.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:19EDT 7.1K
Scha.pic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:19EDT 768
Schap.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:19EDT 384
Schap.pic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:19EDT 768
Schip.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:19EDT 10K
Schip.pic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:20EDT 768
Schipp.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:20EDT 384
Schipp.pic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:21EDT 768
Schipr.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:21EDT 8.5K
Steam.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:21EDT 384
Top.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:21EDT 7.1K
Top.pic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:21EDT 768
Topp.ic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:22EDT 384
Topp.pic.bin 10Apr15 17:09:22EDT 768

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