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The Micro Shell provides an interface between Vsys and the classic Macintosh windowing system. The source files on this page are used to build a shell object file. The XSYS page covers the use of that file to build the shell into Vsys classic Macintosh applications. One of those, the Xtop shell application, provides the Vsys command line interface. See MAC for the Micro Shell built-in comannds.

Micro Shell Source

Head.a 10Apr15 17:08:56EDT 5.1K Micro Shell for the Macintosh IIci.
MxVsys.a 10Apr15 17:09:03EDT 94K System for the Macintosh IIci.
MxVio.a 10Apr15 17:09:02EDT 96K IO for the Macintosh. Built-in command execution.
MxVt200.a 10Apr15 17:09:05EDT 44K Terminal emulation.
MxSyst.e 10Apr15 17:09:00EDT 23K MVsys parameters.
MxLib.a 10Apr15 17:08:59EDT 113K Macintosh system routines.
Suppl.a 10Apr15 17:09:08EDT 5.3K Interface for executables that link with the shell.
Topsup.a 10Apr15 17:09:08EDT 2.3K Interface for the Xtop shell application.

Command Files

NS.s 10Apr15 17:09:06EDT 279 Build Xshell.yy and Xshell.o from source.
NSP.s 10Apr15 17:09:07EDT 233 Like NS.s, but with reassembly of a subset of source files
TS.s 10Apr15 17:09:08EDT 297 Link Xshell.yy with Topsup.y to make Xtop.o.

Miscellaneous Source

About.a 10Apr15 17:08:56EDT 3.1K
Resour.a 10Apr15 17:09:07EDT 4.3K Read/write/remove resource of a given file.
scr.a 10Apr15 17:09:07EDT 3.6K Save the entire screen.
Scrsave.a 10Apr15 17:09:07EDT 3.4K


Resour.e 10Apr15 17:09:07EDT 1.4K Resource assignments, storing information in a file's resource fork.

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