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This version of Micro Shell is superseded by the current version in XMAC and XSYS. There are two variants here, one for a standalone shell based on MicroShell.a, and the other based on Mhead.a intended for combination with an application program. Instructions for building are included at the beginning of the two files, and partially implemented in the command files below. The executables are not included in this distribution. Executables built from the Micro Shell command source were also used by the legacy shell, except that it used Login.a below instead of Finfo.a.

There was an even earlier version of the shell for the Macintosh IIsi in two variants: M_System, which was multitasking, and M_Shell, which was not. It is not included in this distribution.

Legacy Micro Shell Source

MicroShell.a 18Apr15 17:18:34EDT 9.1K Micro Shell for the Macintosh IIci, standalone.
Mhead.a 18Apr15 17:18:33EDT 4.0K Micro Shell for the Macintosh IIci, to be combined with a specific program.
MVsys.a 18Apr15 17:18:40EDT 95K System for the Macintosh IIci.
MVio.a 18Apr15 17:18:38EDT 91K IO for the Macintosh. Built-in command execution.
MVt200.a 18Apr15 17:18:44EDT 41K Terminal emulation.
MSyst.e 18Apr15 17:18:36EDT 22K MVsys parameters.
MLib.a 18Apr15 17:18:36EDT 106K Macintosh system routines.

Command Files

Several of these scripts have a line:

  echo "Link this with Maclink, options -f and m= see above."
"See above" refers to the printout resulting from assembly of the .COPY section in either MicroShell.a or Mhead.a. None of these works with the current Maclink.

NS.s 18Apr15 17:18:44EDT 124 Build MVsys, a standalone that works as a clickable shell.
NSP.s 18Apr15 17:18:45EDT 97 Like NS.s, but with reassembly of a subset of source files.
NMS.s 18Apr15 17:18:44EDT 174 Build Microshell.o, ready for Maclink, with MVsys to be copied to the data fork.

MIC.s 18Apr15 17:18:33EDT 204 Build Micro.o, ready for Maclink. Without combination, Micro.o works as a clickable shell.
MICP.s 18Apr15 17:18:34EDT 169 Like MI.s, but with reassembly of a subset of source files.
NW.s 18Apr15 17:18:45EDT 148 Build the clickable shell /usr/Micro with reassembly of a subset, using Maclink. This is a special case of combination where only the shell is included, and it doesn't work with the current Maclink.

Micro Schell Command Source

The executable for this file is included in /usr/bin, and is needed for the legacy MVsys and Microshell.o mentioned above to work, along with the current Micro Shell command executables (except for Finfo).
Login.a 18Apr15 17:18:33EDT 11K chown, scrt

Macintosh Utility Source

The distribution does not include executables for these files.
Char.a 18Apr15 17:18:31EDT 3.2K
Chmod.a 18Apr15 17:18:32EDT 2.5K
Chown.a 18Apr15 17:18:32EDT 2.8K
Sup.a 18Apr15 17:18:45EDT 18K

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