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Micro Shell Command Source

This is the source for Micro Shell built-in commands. Copies or aliases of the corresponding executables in /usr/bin know their own names when they are called, and when their name is the same as that of one of the commands they implement, they execute it. Multiple entries in /usr/bin are not necessary, however, because the shell implements the equivalent calling procedure internally. The shell command commands displays a list of these built-ins, and they nearly all have entries in the help file, which can be displayed with help. Source for the current Micro Shell itself is in XMAC and XSYS.
Argu.a 18Apr15 17:18:26EDT 9.7K argu, beep, cd, chfi, chmod, chtyp, commands, cvt, echo, log, mkdir, pwd, showt, sync, waitr
Cp.a 18Apr15 17:18:27EDT 8.8K cat, cata, cp, cpd
Fcheck.a 18Apr15 17:18:27EDT 8.0K fcheck
Finfo.a 18Apr15 17:18:28EDT 12K chown, chsig, finfo, scrt
Format.a 18Apr15 17:18:29EDT 4.8K format, fzero, mfs
Ls.a 18Apr15 17:18:46EDT 13K ls
Rm.a 18Apr15 17:18:49EDT 7.2K du, rm
Shutdown.a 18Apr15 17:18:49EDT 2.4K shutdown
Stty.a 18Apr15 17:18:49EDT 13K stty
Su.a 18Apr15 17:18:50EDT 18K alias, chnam, date, eject, exch, help, kill, lines, memory, modem, mount, ps, resume, sdmp, set, su, suspend, umount

Macintosh Utility Source

Except for TrapList.a, executables for the files below are included in /usr/bin.
Font.a 18Apr15 17:18:29EDT 34K View and modify font file.
Kermit.a 18Apr15 17:18:31EDT 83K Kermit tty protocol.
Paint.a 18Apr15 17:18:46EDT 21K Simple picture program that paints points on a grid.
Pict.a 18Apr15 17:18:47EDT 25K More elaborate picture program that paints points, draws lines, and measures coordinates, distances, and angles.
Set81.a 18Apr15 17:18:49EDT 2.4K Activate the M68881 coprocessor.
Showfont.a 18Apr15 17:18:49EDT 6.7K Display a font file.
Tfont.a 18Apr15 17:18:51EDT 2.1K Set TextFont.
TrapList.a 18Apr15 17:18:52EDT 33K Produce a list of traps.


Debug.e 18Apr15 17:18:27EDT 2.0K For debugging, insert this around Trap_0.
Flush.e 18Apr15 17:18:28EDT 139 Flushing caches on 68030 and 68040 systems.
Syscall.e 18Apr15 17:18:51EDT 45K Micro Shell system calls.

Legacy Micro Shell


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