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IOst.a 18Oct15 08:11:36EDT 94K 14 Macintosh, plus standard IO consolidation for the systems below, excluding 5, 12, and the unnumbered generic C system. The enumeration is a conditional assembly selector for the indicated system.
Ioc.a 12Feb15 09:43:24EST 11K C
Iocrds.a 12Feb15 09:43:25EST 64K 1 Unos, Charles River Data Systems
Iounis3.a 12Feb15 09:43:34EST 65K 4 Unisoft, Torch
Iohp3.a 12Feb15 09:43:26EST 21K 5 Hewlett Packard
Iomu3.a 12Feb15 09:43:29EST 67K 6
Unix System V, Motorola
Unix System V, Stride
Ioat3.a 12Feb15 09:43:22EST 67K 7 AT&T Unix
Iomin.a 12Feb15 09:43:27EST 8.7K 9 Minimum
Iosun.a 12Feb15 09:43:32EST 66K 10 Sun
Ioatari.a 12Feb15 09:43:24EST 68K 11 Atari
Iomac.a 12Feb15 09:43:27EST 67K 12 Unix System V, Macintosh II
Ioamiga.a 12Feb15 09:43:21EST 8.7K 13 Amiga
Ionext.a 12Feb15 09:43:29EST 23K 15 NeXT

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