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IOst.a 16Nov15 08:01:41EST 94K 14 Macintosh, plus standard IO consolidation for the systems below, excluding 5, 12, and the unnumbered generic C system. The enumeration is a conditional assembly selector for the indicated system.
Ioc.a 16Nov15 08:01:34EST 11K C
Iocrds.a 16Nov15 08:01:35EST 64K 1 Unos, Charles River Data Systems
Iounis3.a 16Nov15 08:01:44EST 65K 4 Unisoft, Torch
Iohp3.a 16Nov15 08:01:36EST 21K 5 Hewlett Packard
Iomu3.a 16Nov15 08:01:39EST 67K 6
Unix System V, Motorola
Unix System V, Stride
Ioat3.a 16Nov15 08:01:32EST 67K 7 AT&T Unix
Iomin.a 16Nov15 08:01:37EST 8.7K 9 Minimum
Iosun.a 16Nov15 08:01:42EST 66K 10 Sun
Ioatari.a 16Nov15 08:01:34EST 68K 11 Atari
Iomac.a 16Nov15 08:01:37EST 67K 12 Unix System V, Macintosh II
Ioamiga.a 16Nov15 08:01:31EST 8.7K 13 Amiga
Ionext.a 16Nov15 08:01:39EST 23K 15 NeXT


The production of executable files for the Amiga is not integrated into the Vsys linker. That function is served by applying Vtoex to convert linker output and include Amiga startup code. The code in Start.a sets up the command line and environment variable arguments expected by a Vsys _main program, makes the current Workbench window a command line console, and installs trap handlers as the interface between Vsys standard IO and the Amiga operating system. The interface adapts unix to Amiga path syntax.

All of the standard IO functions in Amlib.a are present in the newer IOst.a; and it would make sense to retire Amlib.a in its favor, as was almost certainly intended.
Start.a 16Nov15 08:01:45EST 35K Amiga startup source for Amistart.ab, or optionally for Crt0.y, the latter to be linked with files produced by the A compiler.
Amlib.a 16Nov15 08:01:31EST 61K System independent standard IO functions for text display, including numbers and time, handled through trap #8 for the Amiga, as well as the Minimum and Macintosh. Included by Start.a.
Vtoex.a 16Nov15 08:01:49EST 15K Vsys position independent or absolute object file to Amiga executable file translator, with insertion of the binary startup code, Amistart.ab.
NS.s 16Nov15 08:01:44EST 129 Build Amiga startup object files, absolute position independent Amistart.ab, and position independent Crt0.y.
Vtoex.s 16Nov15 08:01:49EST 214 Build Vtoex executable.

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