Will Dana's home page

I am a sixth-year PhD student in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
I graduated in 2017 from the University of Washington, Seattle, with a B.S. in mathematics and a minor in music.

I am on the job market in fall 2022. Here is my CV.

Contact info

Email: willdana at umich dot edu
Office: East Hall 2860


I am broadly interested in combinatorics and representation theory. I'm currently studying relationships between Coxeter groups, quiver representations, and representations of preprojective algebras; I'm particularly interested in King stability conditions and shards of Coxeter arrangements, and I like to see how much information can be salvaged beyond finite type. My advisor is David Speyer.
I've also looked at Brascamp-Lieb inequalities, integral inequalities associated to certain quiver representations, with Harm Derksen.
Overall, I enjoy any math that involves pictures with arrows in them.

Auslander conference 2022

I gave a talk on this at the Auslander Conference in October 2022. Here are the slides from that talk.




Fall 2017: Math 105.
Winter 2018: Math 115.
Fall 2018: Math 116.
Winter 2019: Math 116.
Fall 2021: Math 105.
(the latter third of) Winter 2022: Math 115.
Summer 2022: M-STEM Level 2 Math.


At the University of Washington, I was the TA for the second-year honors calculus sequence in 2015-2016 (Math 334, 335, 336) and 2016-2017 (Math 334, 335, 336).


In summer 2019, I was a mentor at Canada/USA Mathcamp. I taught classes on complex projective space, ring theory, quiver representations, and determinants, as well as two- and one-day classes on random spanning trees and matroids.
Here are notes for my class on quiver representations.
Here are notes for my class on determinants.
Here is a note on why the groundskeeper's algorithm for generating uniformly random spanning trees works.
Here are notes on my one-day class on matroids.
I also visited for a week in summer 2022 and taught a two-day class on combinatorial reciprocity.
Please let me know if you find typos.

UM grad student minicourses

In summer 2020, I ran a grad student minicourse on representations of finite-dimensional algebras, following Auslander, Reiten, and Smalø's Representation Theory of Artin Algebras. Here are the slides from the course.
In summer 2021, I ran a grad student minicourse on Ringel-Hall algebras, following Kirillov's Quiver Representations and Quiver Varieties.
Here are the slides from the course.
In summer 2022, I organized the grad student minicourses. See this page for details.

Michigan Math and Science Scholars

In the summers of 2020 and 2021, I was a TA with Doug Shaw's class on graph theory for the Michigan Math and Science Scholars program.

Michigan Math Club

I gave a talk on quiver representations and reflection groups to the Math Club here at U of M. Here are the slides from the talk.