I enjoyed teaching in a variety of contexts. I taught my first course, abstract algebra, to majors while studying at the University of Cologne. I then taught several semesters of Calculus at University of Michigan while in graduate school. The students were mostly to engineers, science majors, and business majors. During the summers in graduate school I taught talented high school students short undergraduate-level courses, both novel and foundational, at two different summer programs. Most recently I've had the opportunity to assist in, and now to teach, math content to future teachers. In many of the courses I've taught I've use inquiry-based learning (IBL) methods, in which, instead of me lecturing, students work on problems in class and class discussion augments students' presented solutions.

A more precise formulation of my teaching philosophy can be found here

Currently (Dept. Math. Univ. Mich.)

  • Math for Pre-service Elem. Teachers Part I

Previously (Dept. Math. Univ. Mich.)

  • Math for Pre-Service Elem. Teachers, Part II
    • Teaching Assistant
    • Book: Beckmann
    • Winter 2011, Winter 2012
  • Calculus I
    • Instructor
    • Book: Hughes-Hallett
    • Spring 2010, Fall 2008, Winter 2008, Fall 2007
  • Calculus III
    • Teaching Assitant
    • Book: Stewart, Software: Maple
    • Winter 2009

Summer Programs

  • 2009, 2008, 2007: Canada/USA Mathcamp. Courses taught include:
    • Point-set topology,
    • Quaternions and octonians,
    • Constructible or not?,
    • Hyperbolic geometry,
    • Metric spaces,
    • Proof techniques,
    • 500 proofs of the Pythagorean theorem,
    • Geometry of transformations.
  • 2009: Michigan Math and Science Scholars , Game Theory (Assistant).
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