Interrelationships of the Ostariophysi. 1997. In: Interrelationships of Fishes, M. Stiassney, L. Parenti and D. Johnson (Eds). Academic Press, 209-249.

Fink, S.V. and W.L. Fink.

Interrelationships of the major clades of ostariophysan teleosts are examined. We summarize work on this group subsequent to our 1981 paper, review the data we previously presented in the light of new evidence, and comment on the relationships of certain extinct forms. The Gonorynchiformes is monophyletic and the sister group to the remaining Ostariophysi, termed the Otophysi. Cypriniformes is the sister group to other otophysans; Characiformes is the sister group of the catfishes plus Neotropical electric fishes. A new term is proposed for the latter group, Siluriphysi, comprising the Siluriformes and Gymnotiformes. Placement of Chanoides as the sister group to extant otophysans is supported. Evidence indicates that the extinct taxon Ramallichthys is a member of the Gonorynchoidei.