The name of the game is "Chess"

(aka The Fifth FOREVER KNIGHT Fan-fiction Faction Fracas)

Prepare to be thrilled, chilled, and tickled pink to within an inch of your life.

To assist you in keeping this convoluted tale straight, the following is a list of the factions and the Cast of Characters (in alphabetical order) who took part in this War. Enjoy!

[Archivist's note: At the time of War 5, the terms "Faction" and "Affiliation" were used pretty much interchangeably.]


Cohenheads--Amanda Cohen (may she rest in peace)
Cousins--Lucien LaCroix
Die Hards--most or all characters
FoDs--Don Schanke (may he rest in peace)
FoSsiLs--Sydney Lambert
Immortal Beloveds--Nick and Janette together
Knight/ies--Nick Knight (collectively: "crusade" of Knighties)
NatPackers--Natalie Lambert
Nick&NatPackers--Nick and Natalie together
Perkulators (aka Vetterans)--Tracy Vetter
Raven/ettes--Janette DuCharme ("Classic" indicates preference for the Raven of first and second seasons; collectively: "unkindness" of Ravenettes)
Vaquero/as--Javier Vachon


(FL indicates a faction leader)
Adams, Vickie--Cousin
Alanna--Die Hard
Albrecht, Abby--Mercenary
Anderson, Brian-Glenn--Unaffiliated
Ariel--Die Hard
Armstrong, J. Roger "L'Phantom"--(?)
Bertram, Maria Amparo "Pod"--NatPacker
Bollin, Felicia "Ari"--Ravenette/Immortal Beloved FL
Boone, Catherine--Knightie
Bottner, Sheryl--Ravenette
Bozis, Pat--Knightie
Bradley, Jill--Ravenette
Brewer, Cindy L.--Nick&NatPacker
Cady, Mildred "Millie"--Mercenary
Campbell, Sherri--Vaquera
Candice "Candi"--Cousin FL
Cline, Shirley "Shirl"--Cousin
Constantine, L.J. (aka Tara O'Shea)--Ravenette
Cox, Janice--Cousin
Dean, David--Raven
Debra Ann--Knightie
Dedeaux, Tim--Knightie
Denton, Amy--Knightie
DeSha, Dianne Therese "La Mercenaire"--Mercenary
Diana "Di"--Alfred Mercenary
Donna--Die Hard
Echelbarger, Diane "E"--Unaffiliated
Ewan, John--RatPack
Feden, Lillian--Die Hard/Knightie
Feldman, Lorelei--Ravenette
Freemon, J. Michele--Cousin
Freudenthal, Judith "Judy"--Knightie/NatPacker/Nick&NatPacker
Garrett, Susan--Ravenette FL
Gray, Bruce--Die Hard
Gray, Sandra--Knightie
Guffey, Crystal--Vaquera
Hall, Bianca--Cousin
Hall, erica--Cousin
Hanson, Erika--Knightie/NatPacker/Nick&Natpacker
Hanson, Patricia "Aerin"--Cousin/FoD leanings
Harris, Torrey L.--Vaquera FL
Hawkins, Christine--FoD FL
Hayes, Jennie--NatPacker FL
Hege, Jana C.--Vaquera
Hege, Joe--Unaffiliated
Helen--Die Hard
Himmannen, Sharon--NatPacker
Hoffman, Cynthia--Raven
Holm, Toni C.--Cousin
Hotaling-Lyons, Celeste--Cousine
Hunt, Christine--Nick&Natpacker FL
Hurley, Paula--Nick&Natpacker
Jackson, Michael Wayne "mj"--Raven
Kamnikar, Christina L.--Mercenary
Keith, Chanda--Ravenette/Immortal Beloved
Kelley, Wendy--Die Hard
Kirby, Jill--NatPacker
Knight, Karen--Vaquera/Classic Ravenette
Launspach, Sonja--Mercenary
Leah--Die Hard
Lewis, Elizabeth Ann--Mercenary
Lombardia, Lane--Mercenary
Low, Kimberley--NatPacker
Lowe, Mary Margaret--Nick&NatPacker
Luksus, Lisa (aka "Tok")--Cousin
Lynne--Immortal Beloved
McCrory, Selma--NatPacker
McDavid, Lisa--Cousin
Marcoux, Andria M.--Unaffiliated
Marge--Knightie Marina--Knightie
Martin, Deborah "Deb"--Vaquera
Meachum, Valerie--NatPacker
Menikoff, Deborah--Cousin FL
Meredith, Victoria E. "Vic"--Nick&NatPacker
Merriman, Vicki Jean--Mercenary
Midhir, Angus--FoSsiL
Mingee, Jennifer--Die Hard
Munoz, Cherri--Cousin
Nasipak, Chris--Raven
Neuman, Cyrille V.--Knightie
Nichole--Die Hard
Noctis, Corvia--Knightie
Orel, Sara E.--Mercenary
Oswell, Berg--Mercenary
Palmer, Lois--NatPacker/Lone Pack
Parks, Heather J.--Ravenette
PartlyK--Perkulator FL
Percy, Allie--Knightie
Peterman, Corinne "Cori"--Cousin
Polemenakos, Elaine--NatPacker
Potter, Amy--Knightie
Power, Roni--Knightie/FoD
Powers, D. L.--FoD/Lone Pack
Prince, Lisa--Cousin
Pulis, Linda--Cousin
Randall, Jamie Melody--Cousin/Mercenary
Randolph, Julie--Cousin
Rhiannon "Lady Rhian"--Cousin
Rhodes, Dotti--Knightie
Risha--Alfred Mercenary
Ruggiero, Laura--Die Hard
Rush, Pamela "Pam"--FoD FL
Sangiovanni, Jennifer--Die Hard
Saville, Marie--Nick&NatPacker
Scott, Sharon "Scottie"--Knightie
Shaw, Priscilla Berry "Red Queen"--Cousin
Siemann, Catherine--Ravenette/Immortal Beloved
Smith, Perri--Knightie FL
Snyder, Jane--Die Hard/Immortal Beloved
Soward, Lana G.--Die Hard FL
Spetoskey, Jill Marie--Unaffiliated
Steele, Dawn--Die Hard FL
Steeves, Will--Cousin
Steff "Darkangel"--Mercenary
Stendell, Gabrielle "Gabi"--Cousin/Mercenary/Immortal Beloved
Swanson, Karyn--Knightie
Tobin, Karen--Knightie
Trap, Diane--Cousin
Tucker, Marcia--Knightie
Vera, Betsy--NatPacker/Cohenhead FL
Wagner, Jackie--Cousin
Walli, Gaylin "Jasmine"--Ravenette
Walters, Linda Gail--Vaquera
War Mistress--Godlike superbeing in charge of the War (aka Jennie Hayes)
Walkswithwind, James Kythe--Cousin/FoD
Waskey, Laura B.--Cousin
Webber, Mary GT--NatPacker
Weston, Karen--NatPacker
Wolters, Lisa--Nick&NatPacker
Wyndi--Alfred Mercenary
Wynn, Maureen--Cousin/Mercenary FL


Alexandra (aka "The Dingbat")
A barmaid brought across by Nick and LaCroix.
A vampire who can sometimes be found at the Raven.
Anderson, Gillian
The actress who plays Scully.
A vampire who assists others in taking on new identities.
A character from the series "Blake's 7."
Bennett, Nigel (aka "Mr. B." aka "NB")
The actor who plays LaCroix.
A hyper-intelligent mouse from the animated series "Pinky and the Brain."
Brosnan, Pierce
Actor who played, among other roles, the title character of the series "Remington Steele."
Bundy, Al
A poor shoe salesman on the series "Married: With Children."
Byrnes, Jim
Actor who plays the character Joe Dawson on "Highlander: The Series," and in real life is known for his musical ability.
Cohen, Captain Amanda
Nick's second season captain, killed in a plane crash.
Cooper, Scott (aka OFSDC)
The Story Department Coordinator for the series "Due South."
Davies, Geraint Wyn "Ger" (aka GWD)
The actor who plays Nick.
Diefenbaker "Dief"
Not a Prime Minister of Canada, but Constable Fraser's pet wolf.
Disher, Catherine "Cath"
The actress who plays Natalie.
Dorian (aka "The Archivist")
A vampire character in Listmember Susan Garrett's fiction.
DuCharme, Janette
A vampire brought across by LaCroix, owner of the Raven during the first and second seasons, and sometimes Nick's love interest.
Duchene, Deborah "Deb"
The actress who plays Janette.
Duchovny, David
The actor who plays Mulder.
One of the main characters of the series "Absolutely Fabulous," known for her love of clothes by a designer named Lacroix.
A Temple Cat (concept introduced in a previous War).
Fraser, Constable Benton "Ben" (aka "Benny")
A member of the RCMP stationed in Chicago on the series "Due South."
Gross, Paul
The actor who plays Constable Fraser.
Horton, James
A character on "Highlander: The Series" who led a group called the Hunters, dedicated to killing Immortals.
Hunter, Alyce (aka "Hold Me")
An archeologist, later brought across by LaCroix, who had a brief romance with Nick.
The vampire "brother" of Vachon who was killed in a bomb explosion.
Kapelos, John "JK"
The actor who plays Schanke.
Title character of the series "Kolchak: The Night Stalker."
Knight, Nicolas "Nick" (aka Nicolas DeBrabant aka Nicolas Gerard aka "The Brick")
The 800-year-old vampire, former Crusader, who is the main character of "Forever Knight."
LaCroix, Lucien "Uncle" (aka Lucius aka "The Nightcrawler" aka "Luke" aka LC aka "Lu")
A former Roman general, he is the vampire who brought Nick across.
Lambert, Dr. Natalie "Nat"
The mortal woman attempting to help Nick become human.
Lambert, Sydney (aka "Sidney")
Natalie's cat.
MacGyver, Angus
Title character of the series "MacGyver," best known for using science to get himself out of scrapes with minimum resources.
MacLeod, Duncan "Highlander"
A 400-year-old Immortal, main character of the series "Highlander."
Merlin, Larry
Computer expert.
Miklos (aka "Miki")
Vampire bartender at the Raven.
Mulder, Special Agent Fox "Spooky"
An FBI agent who investigates the supernatural, paranormal, or extraterrestrial on the series "The X Files."
Murdock, "Howling Mad" (aka "HM")
Slightly insane character of the series "The A-Team."
Parriott, James "JP"
Executive Producer of "Forever Knight"
Paul, Adrian
Actor who plays Duncan MacLeod.
A character from the animated series "Pinky and the Brain."
The feline actor who plays Sydney Lambert (introduced this War).
Reese, Captain Joseph "Joe"
Nick's captain for third season.
Schanke, Donald "Don" (aka "Schank" aka "Donut Don")
Nick's partner for seasons one and two, killed in a plane crash.
Vampire friend of Vachon who lives in the sewers.
Scully, Special Agent Dana
An FBI agent on the series "The X Files."
Smith, Hannibal
Leader of the protagonists of the series "The A-Team."
LaCroix's pet goldfish, introduced in a previous War.
Stonetree, Captain Joseph "Joe"
Nick's captain first season.
A Temple Cat (concept introduced in a previous War).
Twist, Feliks (aka Felix)
A vampire who enjoys gardening.
Urs (aka Urse aka Ursula)
Vampire stripper brought across by Vachon who can be found at the Raven.
Vachon, Javier (aka Javier Valdez)
A former Spanish Conquistador, brought across by an Incan vampire.
Vetter, Tracy (aka Tracey aka "Button")
Nick's partner for third season.
A character from the series "Blake's 7."
Vampire who hangs around Selma McCrory, introduced in a previous War.

From: War Mistress (Warmistrss@AOL.COM)
Subject: WAR: Rules of the Road

Here are the rules for FKWAR V. Please take the time to read them as soon as possible, if you plan to participate.

1. POSTING FORMAT: All war story posts need to go to FKFIC-L.
They also must all be labelled with the WAR topic. We don't
want to annoy other listmembers with stray war posts, so
please be careful about this. When posting a story in the war,
the subject line must start with


(yep, the colon is important!) As has been mentioned, check to
make sure your mailer isn't changing the colon to a dash or
something on the way out. If this is a problem, send the story
to another listmember to post for you. (Just make sure it's
someone you trust!) :-)

2. TRAFFIC: It will be heavy. If your mailer reaches capacity
quickly, be sure to check it often for the duration of the war.
Lots of bouncing messages will annoy the listowners and we
don't want to make them cross with us!

3. POST LENGTH: 200 lines or so maximum. If it's longer, split
it in two.

4. HEADER/.SIG CONTENT: Make sure to put the date and
approximate time your post occurs at the top of the story, and
include your e-mail address somewhere on the post. We're
gonna set this war in real time, this time, although I'm fairly
sure we won't manage to get all the posts out on the actual
dates they occur. Just try to keep it close. :-)

5. LENGTH OF THE WAR: We're aiming to finish it up on Friday,
November 17.

6. STORYLINE: Whatever gets posted first is the story. If it
contradicts your plans, it's still the story, and you'll have to
find a way to work around it or to work it in.

7. DIBS: Only if absolutely necessary. Generally they only get
called if there is a particularly tricky story that needs to be
written to fit some pieces together properly and it will
require time to get it right. Otherwise, post as you go. And
we're gonna put a 12 hour limit on dibs-calling. Of course, if
we get stuck at any point we'll change that as necessary, like
in past wars, for whoever is brave enough to try to untangle
things. Remember, this is not a round robin; dibs are only
for emergencies.

7. STORY CONTENT: When you post, you play yourself in the war.
You are human, with the exception of a few of the listmembers
who got turned in previous wars. You have some license in
writing yourself; it is fiction, after all, so if you want to
write yourself as managing to get your hands on some really
cool laptop computer for the duration of the war, go ahead. If
you want to write yourself getting lots of money from your
character to fund your wartime activities, go ahead. But don't
write yourself as a millionaire or a computer genius if you
aren't one. (If all else fails, give yourself an incredibly lucky
break, instead, to achieve your goals!)

war post or allows themselves to be used in someone else's
post (unless they state that they will not be joining the war)
they have 'entered' the war. What this means is that they are
fair game for anyone who wants to attack them. You may not,
however, move a character for any purpose other than an
attack withouth their permission. For instance, if Nancy is in
trouble and you want to rescue her, you must ask her
permission first. ;-) Likewise, if you want her help to get
something done, you need her permission to use her.

8.5. KILL/MAIM/TURN: Absolutely can't be done without the
explicit permission of the victim, and should be avoided at
almost all costs unless the storyline is too fun to pass up. If
you plan to do something like this to someone and get their
permission (we've had people turned in past wars, and one war
featured a ghost of a listmember) it would still be best to

9. MAIN FK CHARACTERS: If you wish to do anything involving
them, check it out with the leader of the faction that solely
represents them. This person is responsible for making sure
that their character doesn't wind up in two places at once. If
you don't wish to give away what you're doing with that
character, the clearance can be as simple as, say, asking if
Nick will be in his loft early Wednesday evening or something.
If you plan to move the character, you must get permission
for the move and tell the faction leader where you plan to take
the character and how long they will be gone. Faction leaders,
you are only supposed to organize the character's time, not
tell everyone what to do with the character or how to write them.

9.5. FACTION LEADERS: Each faction should determine it's own
leader. Faction leaders, if you would post once more to both lists
with the WAR: header sometime today so we can all identify who
to contact, it would be helpful. Everyone else, it might be wise
to keep a list, in case you want to contact a particular faction
during the war.

10. ORGANIZING: Private E-mail is our friend. Get in touch with
the other members of your faction. Get in touch with people in
other factions. Create E-mail loops for planning and to keep
the storyline from getting too tangled. Faction leaders, if you
aren't already, you might want to keep an e-mail list of your
faction members for ease in planning.

11. BELONG TO TWO OR MORE FACTIONS: Well, you can do it. I
don't think either faction will be able to trust you completely,
though. This is war, after all. ;-)

12. CONTINUITY: Even with everybody being careful, it's difficult
to maintain continuity with this many authors. So PLEASE
read all the previous posts before you post anything.

13. START OF THE WAR: I will be posting a five part story this
afternoon. At the end of this story, I will add a few comments
and then turn you loose on each other. At that point, it's up to you!
However, there are a few other conditions. The start of the war is
not changeable. No retro-posts predating October 31, except reactions
to what happens in the opener, should be posted. This is for the sake
of everyone's sanity. It will get too crazy if one end of this monster
isn't tied down.

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