Forever Knight War V

File Time Span Description File Type File Size
Intro N/A Cast of Characters and Rules HTML 20K
Contents N/A Table of Contents HTML 24K
Quote List N/A Quote List Text 25K
Game N/A War Drinking Game HTML 11K
Part 1 October 29-31 Opener and Lurker Antics Text 210K
Part 2 November 1 War Council and Seance Text 381K
Part 3 November 2 Raven Ownership Disputes Text 276K
Part 4 November 3-4 Wine Cellar Incident Text 388K
Part 5 November 5-6 Amy Whammied Text 289K
Part 6 November 7 Transition Party Text 251K
Part 7 November 8 Dianne's Kidnapping and Rescue Text 244K
Part 8 November 9-11 Natalie's Kidnapping Text 262K
Part 9 November 12-16 Auction Setup Text 158K
Part 10 November 17 Auction and Goodbye Party Text 186K
Part 11 November 18-23 Wrap-up Posts Text 170K

If you find a mistake in one of the documents (a name misspelled, an incorrect faction, etc.) email me at and let me know. I want this to be as error-free as possible.

***Note: One of the word processors I used on the last several parts had an odd, unpredictable duplication bug, so some of the typos are not the fault of the authors. I'll clear it up as soon as I can.***

The Cast of Characters *should* be complete. If you participated in the War and do not see your name, let me know and I will add you to it. (Not all participants provided a surname, so check under your given name and/or nickname as well.)

If you would like to contribute suggestions for the War V Quote List, email me with the quote(s) and the title of the post in which you found it/them, with the date that the post takes place, if possible.