Photoshop 7.0 Lessons
Lesson 1 Elementary Image size, resolution, and mode
Lesson 2 Elementary Selection
Lesson 3 Elementary Color, drawing, and erasing
Lesson 4 Elementary Editing
Lesson 5 Elementary Touching up
Lesson 6 Intermediate Layers
Lesson 7 Intermediate Text
Lesson 8 Intermediate Layer Style
Lesson 9 Intermediate Blend Mode
Lesson 10 Intermediate Filters
Lesson 11 Advanced Masks
Lesson 12 Advanced Saving patterns, brushes, and alpha channels
Lesson 13 Advanced Paths
Lesson 14 Advanced Shapes
Lesson 15 Advanced Tips and tricks

All text and images ©2005 Amparo Bertram. Permission is granted to use the images for the purpose of practicing the lessons.