Lois and Clark: the New Adventures of Superman
Drinking Game

Sorted according to character, number of drinks, and alphabetically.

Every time Clark/Superman:
Adjusts/takes off his tie (1)
Flies (1)
Has both hands in his pockets (1)
Has his arms akimbo or crossed (1)
Is on the phone (1)
Makes a lame excuse (1)
Refers to Superman in the third person (1)
Uses a vision power and pulls down his glasses first (1)
Uses his super-breath (1)
Uses his super-hearing (1)
Uses his super-speed (1)
Wears an unusual tie (1)
Is on the phone and it's a three-way conversation with the Kents (2)
Uses his super-hearing and it interrupts a conversation with Lois (2)
Uses his super-speed to perform an everyday task (2)
Is on the phone to only one parent (3)
Uses a vision power without pulling down his glasses (3)
Frees himself and Lois using superpowers and Lois doesn't notice (4)
Frees himself and Lois using superpowers and Lois does notice (chug)
Goes topless (chug)

Every time Lois:
Confides in Clark, then hates herself for doing so (1)
Does something nasty to Clark, then hates herself for doing so (1)
Does something sneaky (1)
Gets jealous over Clark but denies it (1)
Kisses Superman (1)
Sits in front of a computer (1)
Talks to herself (1)
Wears a brown outfit (1)
Does something illegal (2)
Kisses Clark (2)
Wears leather/vinyl (2)
Wears two huge curlers (2)
Uses "Lois Fu" (chug)

Every time Jimmy:
Says "Chief" (1)
Says "CK" (1)
Calls Clark anything but CK (2)
Takes a picture (2)

Every time Perry:
Makes an Elvis reference (1)
Mentions his wife (1)
Pats someone on the back (1)
Tells a non-Elvis anecdote (2)

Every time Cat:
Does/says something sexually suggestive (1)
Does anything to imply that she's more than just a sex kitten (3)

Every time Lex:
Barely blinks at a major threat or impressive feat (1)
Shows his human side to anyone other than Lois (1)
Is not the mastermind bad guy behind the villain of the week (2)

Every time the villain of the week:
Captures Lois (1)
Has an incompetent sidekick (1)
Speaks with a funky accent (1)
Captures Lois and Clark (2)
Captures Lois and Clark and ties them back-to-back (3)

Every time:
Clark's parents appear (1)
Jonathan says "son" (1)
Martha shows off her artwork (1)
You hear a "whoosh" or sonic boom (1)
You see a weapon (1)
Clark's parents set foot anywhere outside of Smallville (2)
A female villain hits on Clark (2)
Lucy Lane appears (2)
Mayson hits on Clark (2)
A reference is made to another role an actor has played (2)
There is an explosion (2)
A weapon is used (2)
A non-blonde female villain hits on Clark (3)
You spot a street or character named after a DC creator (3)

Every time someone:
Drinks something (1)
Hits on Clark/Lois (1) Is bound/tied up (1)
Mentions kryptonite (1)
Says "Superman" (1)
Drinks something poisonous (2)

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