NatPack Stories from FK War 8

Last updated: 5/26/98

File Major Events File Type File Size
Part 1 War Opener Text 7.5K
* Following stories arranged in alphabetical order for now. *
Channel-Surfing to Nirvana/
Black and White and Red All Over
Mercs watch TV and meet...a penguin? Text 19K
Dark Encounter at CERK/
You May Not Remember This/
Toronto; or, As Time Goes On...
Casablanca the Mercly way Text 20K
Grass Stains The NatPack goes to the beach Text 5.5K
Hangin' at the Happy Souvlaki The 'Pack goes out to eat Text 15K
HorseChicks Ravage Toronto The HorseChicks go shopping Text 3K
Knight Court The Mercs hold a trial Text 40K
Mary Sue Arrives in Toronto The 'Pack meets an unwelcome player Text 3K
Merc, Merc, Who's Got the Merc? The NatPackers kidnap a Merc Text 6K
The NatPack Sleeps Relaxation happens Text 3K
A Questionable Night The Mercs at the start of the War Text 5K
Taking Back the NatPack(er) The 'Pack "rescues" Jennie Text 15K
Three Bouquets of Delight Urs' participation is determined Text 16K
Training Your NatPacker the laMercenaire Way Jennie undergoes training Text 9K
An Un/Fortunate Meeting/
Any Reason for Objecting
Lush Nick makes an appearance Text 13K
Washed Between a Rock and a Hard Place/
Meetings and Salutations
Jennie gets soaked Text 8.5K