Brother's Keeper I (10 parts)
A Kung Fu: The Legend Continues story dealing with the relationship between Caine and Skalany.
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Brother's Keeper II (?? parts)
A Kung Fu: The Legend Continues story-in-progress, sequel to "Brother's Keeper I."
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Since I'm posting this as I go anyway, I'll let you in on a secret: the ending of the story is listed under "Short Scenes."

Circle of Life
A response to the Forever Knight challenge to write a story that ties into a song.

I'll Be with You (4/6 parts)
An X-Files story-in-progress dedicated to a good friend who will always be with me. [Sorry everyone; I probably won't get around to typing out the last two parts. At least it's a full storyline the way it is, without the additions.]
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Like Mother, Like Great-Granddaughter
A Quantum Leap Samantha story, written to fulfill a high school history report assignment.

Part of Me
A Harry Potter story depicting a Sirius/Lupin relationship that offers an alternative explanation for the ending of Order of the Phoenix.

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