Top Ten Anime Couples

by Amparo Bertram

10) Tamahome & Yuuki Miaka (Fushigi Yuugi)

"Tamahome...Miaka...Tamahome...Miaka..." All right, I admit it, these two are sickly sweet. But, darn it, they're so terribly cute together, and with the trials they have to go through to reach their happy ending, I can't help but admire their tenacity. It's heartwarming to see two people commit so completely to each other and announce it to the world instead of dancing around the subject forever.

9) Hanabishi Recca & Sakoshita Yanagi (Flame of Recca)

Any girl who picks up cute guys by saving them from gushing head wounds is okay in my book, and what's even better is that she already has the instinct to run for help when she needs it, rather than standing around screaming uselessly. For his part, Recca has a leg-up in the hopeless romantic department, showering his new crush with visions of gorgeous homemade fireworks and calling her his Princess. <melt> A guy who doesn't mind when you accidentally wipe your nose on him while sobbing against his shoulder is definitely a keeper.

8) Matsuura Yuu & Koishikawa Miki (Marmalade Boy)

These step-siblings experienced the most convoluted courtship I've ever seen. Their romance was more on-again/off-again than a strobe light, involving them in a topologist's nightmare of love triangles, keeping everyone guessing until the last possible moment. If they could survive the path getting there, however, the combination of Miki's honest exuberance and Yuu's intense dedication should enable them to face anything.

7) Allen Schezar & Marlene Aston (Vision of Escaflowne)

Their relationship was forbidden, but neither could resist the call of true love. The golden knight who had lost everything he held dear and the dutiful princess forced into an unwanted marriage—would it have been better had they ignored their mutual attraction, or was the brief joy they brought each other worth the pain that followed? I think the look in Allen's eyes when he gazes at her son says it all.

6) Saotome Ranma & Tendo Akane (Ranma 1/2)

If ever a couple needed to grow up a little, it would be this one. Neither of the two is really ready for a serious relationship, though Akane is giving it a heroic effort. Despite that, they resolutely oppose anyone or anything bent on separating them. If the trend continues, they'll be together forever.

5) Hayami Seiji & Kisaragi Honey (Cutey Honey Flash)

I haven't seen this one translated yet, but even judging by body language alone, these two are absolutely adorable. With Seiji's streetwise boyishness and Honey's exhibitionist innocence, together they have a chemistry both sweet and seductive, exemplified by his shy blush at a friendly kiss even after they've become intimate. Their obvious commitment leaves but one question—why wait so darn long to get married?

4) Urameshi Yuusuke & Yukimura Keiko (Yuu Yuu Hakusho)

For a "detective," he's often slow to catch on when it comes to women—he didn't even know she loved him until after he died—but you can't beat that first kiss. Sometimes I don't know whether to sympathize with Keiko for falling for such a jerk or envy her for having someone so gorgeous and powerful utterly devoted to her. Her courage is a perfect foil for his attitude...and just imagine what their kids will be like...

3) Namura Shinichi & Akizuki Meiko (Marmalade Boy)

Ya gotta love a romance born in a library. Meiko quickly decides what she wants and pursues it with all her heart. She doesn't distract herself with fits of self-doubt and jealousy, to which her best friend is prone. For his part, Namura's every action makes it clear how highly he treasures her and how much he would sacrifice for her sake. What better modern counterpart to the young noblewoman and her dutiful knight?

2) Ryudo Hajime & Toba Matsuri (Sohryuden)

The relationship between the spirited reincarnation of a goddess and her cousin the Blue Dragon King is subtle, but at the same time more powerful through their unconscious actions than any words could express. They have no need to indulge in the awkward courtship dance that most couples face; they're already best friends, and when the time comes for them to become more, they'll be ready.

1) Himura Kenshin and Kamiya Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)

He cooks, he cleans, he's great with children, and in his spare time he occasionally fends off power-mad swordsmen bent on taking over the country. Her charming blend of strength and innocence gives him what he searched ten years to find—a reason to value his own life. This touching romance set in historic Japan gives new meaning to the phrase Unresolved Sexual Tension, however; they've been living together for over a year, and they have yet to share so much as a peck on the cheek. <heavy sigh> Perhaps if Kaoru would stop throwing buckets at him when he shows up in the bath...

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