Last Updated: 7/21/04
Project Description Status
Summaries Ao no Kiseki, Souryuuden, Silongtou, Kill the Crows, City of Glass, and others In progress
Saigen no Mon An original fantasy universe that involves a team of humans and demons traveling through mysterious portals to other dimensions in search of clues to the disaster that annihilated a powerful ancient race In progress
Volume One completed
Volume Two in planning stage
Silver by Moonlight A Harry Potter Sirius/Lupin story that crosses over with a number of Japanese series universes, including Yuu Yuu Hakusho and CardCaptor Sakura Planning stage
Prince of Thieves Hiei is sent to protect Mukuro's border from an unknown--and perhaps nonexistent--invading enemy Percolating
(about 3/4 done)
Vixen Can a creature that teaches Parker to beware of freshman girls really be all that bad? Planning stage
Youko Treats YYH humor;
(collaboration with Denise Wyatt)
To All Things, Their Proper Time Yuu Yuu Hakusho/Escaflowne crossover with a touch of Fushigi Yuugi;
(collaboration with Jennifer Jones)
On hold
Sugar Shock A story of the supernatural, involving characters from Ranma 1/2, Tokyo Babylon, The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Sohryuden, and possibly Detective Conan On hold
The Great Reikai Dating Game Multi-universe romantic comedy;
(collaboration with Jennifer Jones)
4 couples paired
(out of 50)
A Brief Encounter
(working title)
Keiko and Botan learn more than they wanted to know about men's underwear;
(collaboration with Jennifer Jones)
On hold
Brother's Keeper II The events leading up to the birth of Kwai Chang Caine's second child Outlined
I'll Be with You Mulder's return to FBI headquarters in Scully's absence Outlined