Delfinia Background Information


Woll--Woll Greek Roh Delfin, bastard son of Delfinia's late king
Earl Fernan--Woll's foster father
King Doluwa--Woll's father
Paula--Woll's mother, a stable girl

Lee (Eddie)/Grinda--Grindietta Rahden, a visitor from another dimension
Amarock--Lee's foster father, a werewolf
Rufa--Rufaselmi Rahden, Lee's partner, a member of the Rah Clan

Bardoh--Delfinia's God of War
Hermia--Delfinia's Goddess of Victory, Bardoh's wife

Even--heir to the leader of the Tau Free People, aka the Tau Mountain Bandits
Jil--aka Jordan Berringer, leader of the Tau Free People
Georg--Even's father, Jil's best friend
Bianca--Even's mother, from a country to the south

General Dora--a military hero, friend of Fernan, famous for his horses
Sharmian--Dora's daughter, trained as a knight
Graia--Black Master, a supernatural horse on Dora's property

Nora Baluro--Grand Duke Savoa, Woll's cousin, leader of the Tiredon Knights
Princess Aera--Doluwa's younger sister, Baluro's mother
Lord Edith Magdonell--Baluro's uncle on his father's side
Rosamond Cyril--Grand Duke Bellminster, Baluro's fiancee
Stefan Bellminster--Rosamond's late half-brother

Nashias Jampeil--leader of the Ramona Knights
Elaine Jampeil--Nashias' late wife
Alanna Seleiza--Nashias' younger sister
Latina Pess--Viscountess Endover, a woman Woll nearly married

Astin--Baluro's second-in-command
Galence--Nashias' second-in-command

Brooks--Grand Chamberlain, trusted agent of the late king
Karin--head of the castle women
Marquis Peilzen--leader of the conspirators opposed to Woll
Lord Graham--a lord on the border with Pallast

Shera--a highly trained assassin of the Farott Clan
Vantser--a Farott Clan assassin who lives to kill
Earl Farott--head of the Farott Clan
Moira Farott--Guardian Goddess of the Farott Clan
Letitia Farott--Letty, the best Farott Clan assassin

Paula Darcini--a minor noblewoman who lives in the mountains
Carrigan Darcini--Paula's brother, a Tiredon knight trainee

King Zoratus Minge--King of Tanga
Prince Najeck--Zoratus' heir
King Orlon--King of Pallast
King Corius II--King of Skenia


The three main countries--Pallast, Tanga, Delfinia
Skenia--northern home country of the Farott Clan
Pentus--small island city-state known for its artisans
Sanseberia--minor country to the west of Pallast
Kiltansas--island country populated by ex-pirates

Tau Mountain Range--home of the Tau Free People
Bilguna--base of the Ramona Knights
Teba River--on the border of Delfinia and Pallast
Soosha--estate where Woll grew up
Roah--Dora's land
Maleba--base of the Tiredon Knights
Policia Plain--fertile farmland
Coral--capital of Delfinia