Story by Tsumori Tokio
Illustrations by Kobari Nori
Summary by Amparo Bertram

Nicolaroon removes the implanted suggestion from Lilah for the time being so she won't keep trying to kill Lucifard for not wearing his PC rings. An exhausted Kaja finally returns, after having to deal with several emergencies resulting from other patients picking up echoes of Lucifard's pain. He and Nicolaroon immediately begin squabbling; the Ra-Phael intentionally makes it worse by acting all touchy-feely with Lucifard. Saladin hides his jealousy, particularly since he rather likes Nicolaroon as a person and as a fellow doctor.

Lucifard, noticing that the Hakushi is about to drop, picks him up and carries him to his wing of the hospital to rest. During the conversation on the way, he reveals that he killed Kaja's younger brother--in self defense. He explains that, of the three Hakushi he had met before, they had all been twisted murderers. Kaja comes to the realization that he actually enjoys the attention Lucifard gives him. At the same time, he knows that his friend Saladin is in love with the officer, and he doesn't want to lose his friend over the matter, so he resolves to ignore his own feelings.

Lucifard, Lilah, and Nicolaroon return to the base. As they chat, Nicole proposes to "Lucy" on the principle that he doesn't want the Hakushi to have him. (Same-sex marriages are legal.) Lucifard is not thrilled at the idea. He insists that his dream is to have six children, so he can't accept. Lucifard drives Lilah crazy by asking whether he would be the seme or the uke in the relationship; she tells him to stop using Purple Heaven jargon. Later, the two men have a conversation in Lucifard's room. Lucifard reveals what he discovered about the high-powered weapons the mafia had been using and the laser-cannon satellites that he commandeered. The military checks every package that comes through the spaceport, which is supposedly the only spaceport on the planet, so it's a mystery where the mafia obtained their weapons.

By later that morning, word of Lucifard's victory against the police has spread throughout the base. In order to avoid being mobbed, he and Lilah go to eat at the hospital cafeteria, where they meet up with Saladin. The doctor talks about how busy his schedule is, and that the only way he could possibly get any time off is to go on a honeymoon. He asks if Lucifard would marry him to give him an excuse. Lucifard seriously considers it, though he muses that it would be a lot of trouble with paperwork to get a divorce afterward. He thinks to himself that, if only the doctor were female, he wouldn't have to get divorced. He invites Saladin to the victory party that is planned in his honor for late that night.

By the time Lucifard arrives at the party, he has been drenched with beer by the men assigned to drive him there. He goes to the restroom to wash himself off, where he is pounced by Makoto and proposed to for the third time. He tries to give his "six children" excuse, but the Mecha Kerberos counters that with an offer to build him six androids. Lucifard is enough of a techno-geek to find that truly appealing. He is just starting to wonder whether he should accept when he is rescued by Kaja.

The rest of the party goes relatively smoothly...if rather loud and boisterous. Saladin gets called back to the hospital for an emergency partway through, and Lucifard escorts him. By the time the officer returns, the party is winding down. After being petitioned for good-night kisses (from both sexes), Lucifard walks Kaja and Nicole out. The two start bickering over their curiosity about Lucifard's strange mind, and how they'd like to experiment on him. He begins to go berserk, his eyes turning gold to signal that he's in killing mode. Luckily, Kaja gives a safe response that prevents Lucifard from thinking of them as enemies, which probably saves both of their lives. The night ends without further incident.

End Volume Five

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