The Romance of Kai and Sanshirou

Story by Kunoh Chiaki

Illustrations by Oki Mamiya

Summaries by Amparo Bertram

Page last updated: 3/5/06

Humans have perfected FTL warp drive and coldsleep, allowing them to explore and colonize distant worlds. In order to adapt to diverse environments, the colonists of other planets developed unique mutations, ranging from low-gravity and high-gravity physiques to cat-pupiled eyes and even tails. The Planetary Federation is the organization that governs most human worlds.

Although interstellar travel has become routine, deep space missions are still dangerous. There is no chance to refuel or resupply, so the crew must be kept to a minimum. Thus, crew members of deep space missions must all be highly trained to run nearly every aspect of a spaceship. Unfortunately, such capable officers are also highly independent, resulting in personality conflicts that can lead to mistakes with disastrous consequences.

To protect its investment, the Federation devised a "buddy" system. Crew members are selected in pairs: one military officer with one civilian officer. These pairs of "buddies" have their personalities matched in great detail by the Federation's most powerful computers and are considered the most compatible partners possible. Since these compatible partners then live and work in the close quarters of the spaceship for the duration of the mission, romances are not only common, they are expected. Deep space missions gained the nickname "Paradise Flights."

This series follows the second-shift crew of the Jules Verne on its mission to potential colony world Sigma 23.


Born on the moon, Kai is a pure-blooded Lunan. He has the characteristic slender figure, attractive appearance, and Kaleidoscope Eyes. He is also an Empath, a talent that crops up occasionally among Lunans. However, unlike most other so-called "Lunatics," who devote their lives to physical pleasure, Kai channels his energy into intellectual pursuits and does his best to dissociate himself from sensual Lunan stereotypes. Symbolic of this is the visor behind which he hides his color-shifting eyes.


Born in space, Sanshirou is a mercenary soldier of mixed heritage. His physical attributes include fanglike canines, the ability to see infrared light, and unusual strength for his lean build. He has an incredible amount of practical knowledge about the function of high technology, along with the skill to effect delicate repairs with a minimum of resources. Like a black panther, he can be an efficient killing machine when his life depends on it, but he prefers to spend his time napping.

Volume One: Ao no Kiseki

Volume Two: Catharsis Spell

Volume Three: Crystal Crown

Volume Four: Baroque Pearl

Volume Five: Persona Non Grata

Volume Six: Phantom Pain

Volume Seven: Tightrope Dancer
Stage 1

Volume Eight: Tightrope Dancer
Stage 2

Volume Nine: Tightrope Dancer
Stage 3