Sakuya wants the villagers to fight back against the demons that are ruining their fields, but they're too scared. A demon pops up and attacks him, but Bishuu arrives and saves him. Wakyou is assigned to walk him home, whereupon Sakuya teases him about how it's so obvious that the other boy adores Bishuu, and that Bishuu has the eyes of a demon. Wakyou sticks up for his master, insisting that Bishuu protects people, the only one with enough power to stop the demons. He had come to the village because he had been born there, in a house up in the mountains.

When Sakuya hears that, he leads Wakyou to the abandoned house, which is famous in the area for having been left vacant long ago. As a test, Sakuya attempts to communicate telepathically, and Bishuu picks the thoughts from his mind effortlessly. At first he's afraid Bishuu will try to eat him like the last monster, but he's distracted when he notices the woods on fire. Bishuu protects the boys and fights back against his father, who had started it.

Sakuya gets fed up with the villagers, who are faced with starvation yet can't find the courage to fight. They follow him, however, when he goes to talk with Bishuu again, and he gets them to help out reluctantly. They're still suspicious of Bishuu even after he saves them from a demon attack, yet gradually they come to accept him. Bishuu leaves his finger marks on Sakuya's forehead as a seal of protection upon him. Wakyou invites him to join up as Bishuu's apprentice.

Ruki visits Bishuu, who is talking to his mother in the mirror. Ruki wonders how he can be so strong when he's half human. He doesn't understand humans, but he wants to help Bishuu. As Sakuya considers joining forces and learning to fight demons, a man approaches him and asks to be guided to someone with power. Sakuya takes him to see Bishuu, and it turns out that he's really Garai in disguise. While they talk, Sakuya tells Wakyou that he's decided to join them. For a moment, as he leaves the room with Bishuu's mirror, he thinks he hears a woman's voice crying.

Makoto wakes up in Bishuu's room, which he knows ought to have been destroyed long ago. When he tries to look in the mirror, it shatters, and he cuts himself on a shard of it. Silently apologizing, he sets off in search of Masayuki. Behind him, a voice is upset that the blood on the mirror isn't Bishuu's, it's human. Makoto walks down the road and unexpectedly passes a woman he recognizes. He calls out to her as his mother, but she doesn't see him. She's really Wakyou's mother; he's viewing a scene from the past. His mother is attacked and killed by a demon right in front of him. Next he's shown the scene from when he killed the puppy.

Ruki leads Kazuki through the Makai, saying he's rude for not seeing all the demons who come to greet them. Ruki is determined to convince him that there really are demons who like Bishuu. He introduces him to a friend, Tagi, who is a fox demon lacking the purple eyes. The two lecture "Sakuya" that he's incomplete without Wakyou, he should know better than to let himself be separated. Just then, Kazuki senses Makoto, who is in the power of a woman with long, black hair.

An underling reports to Garai that a human child and someone with Bishuu's face are visiting Tagi. Garai is surprised that it's only one of the boys, not both, annoyed that they're not staying together. He knows that someone with a lot of power is targeting Bishuu, and he can't let Masayuki be killed. He sends his underlings to kill whichever of the boys they had found.

Tagi senses their approach--he's blind, but his magic allows him to see his surroundings. Kazuki disguises his eyes to keep up the charade that he's Bishuu and Ruki assists him by telling him where the demons are so he doesn't give himself away. Kazuki blasts them, yet he once again underestimates his power. Ruki yells at him for destroying any clues to Garai's hideout. Luckily, Tagi can use one of the intact heads to guide them.

Garai is puzzled. He figures out that Kazuki is with Ruki, but he can't locate Makoto. For his part, Makoto awakens and faces the woman, who calls him Bishuu and says she's his mother. He tries to convince himself not to be fooled--Bishuu's human mother couldn't possibly be there. She goes on to say that she's glad he's human and not a monster. She loves his eyes, the one part of him that resembles his father. Though he resists, he can't help finally calling her "mother." Wanting to be able to move around, Garai awakens Masayuki. The boy can hear Garai's voice but can't see him.

Bishuu's mother drones on about how much she hates demons, and Makoto answers that he hates demons' evil magic too. Then he comes to his senses and realizes he needs to be looking for Masayuki, but he finds himself trapped by glass. Bishuu's mother doesn't want to be left alone again. Kazuki arrives at Bishuu's former house, which had been destroyed along with Bishuu himself. He stumbles across a fragment of Bishuu's mirror in the wreckage and takes it with him.

Kazuki wonders why Bishuu sealed the demons in such a place. Tagi replies that it's not a bad spot to live, just incredibly boring. Tagi senses a human approaching, so Kazuki promptly sets out to find out who, running into Masayuki. His power increases to the point that he can finally see Garai and the other demons. (Masayuki is perplexed, thinking that the disembodied voices are ghosts.) The others wonder if maybe being near the real Bishuu is what bumped him up to that level. Kazuki is worried that Makoto never reached Masayuki, despite having started out first.

Masayuki wants to know what's going on, but he agrees to wait until they catch up to Makoto before getting an explanation. Somehow he knows that Kazuki and Makoto belong together. Later that night, unable to sleep, he wanders out into the forest following a light and spots a woman carrying a lantern. Observing, Garai recognizes her as Takako, Bishuu's mother. He awakens Kazuki and urges the boy to do something to help. When he comes running up, she mistakes him for Bishuu.

Masayuki is being pulled into the underworld. With Garai's help, Kazuki manages to get him out. Takako is furious that Garai is there. There are too many underworld demons to fight, so Ruki yells that they have to escape. Kazuki doesn't want to leave without Makoto. His only option is to attempt to use Bishuu's voice to cast a spell, sealing the area so the demons can't follow, though he knows that he could be sealing his friend in with them.

End Volume 2