As Bishuu tells his young apprentices, Sakuya and Wakyou, that the time draws near when his home will be destroyed, a boy mentally cries out in confusion. He recognizes Bishuu's features and voice as his own, yet his name isn't Bishuu. He feels that he is inside Sakuya, yet that doesn't make sense either, since Sakuya looks and sounds nothing like him. He wakes up, puzzled at the strange dream, returning to his true identity as Kazuki. When he washes up, he stares into the mirror and realizes that there had been one difference: Bishuu's eyes.

He sets off for school, and a boy wearing dark glasses greets him with, "Sakuya. It's me, Sakuya. I'm Wakyou." He removes the glasses to reveal purple eyes in a face identical to the one in Kazuki's dream. Freaked by the situation, Kazuki tries to get away, which makes the stranger desperate. The boy sobs with frustration at having searched for so long, only to find that Sakuya doesn't remember him. He's frantic not to let Bishuu's sacrifice of dividing his power between them be in vain. If the two of them aren't together, they can't use their full potential.

Finally that heartfelt call gets through to him, and Kazuki remembers that he *is* Sakuya--or, at least, Sakuya's reincarnation. He laughs and tells the other boy not to cry with Bishuu's face, then uses magic to disguise the color of the purple eyes so they appear normal. Startled at having the situation reverse so rapidly, the other boy strikes out in reproach for having made him so upset. Together, Kazuki and Makoto are finally whole.

At school, Kazuki's classmates are all excited at meeting someone who looks just like him. (Makoto transferred to his class.) The two are telepathic with each other, which causes trouble when Makoto slips and answers out loud to a telepathic comment. Kazuki's friend Masayuki shows up, after having been working with plants, and Makoto sees that he has a demon hovering over him. Kazuki quickly covers his eyes and drags him away on the pretense of taking him to the doctor.

They go to the roof to talk. Makoto can see the demon Garai, who comes to meet them, but Kazuki can only hear his voice. There's a flashback to a group of villagers begging Bishuu for help when demons poison their food. While Sakuya and Wakyou peek through the doorway, Bishuu accuses his father, Garai, of having been responsible. In the present, Garai laughs at them for their low level of power, offering to take over their training in Bishuu's place.

Garai had been sealed by Bishuu's power, but he claims he's free now that they've reincarnated. Despite his assurance that he's changed his ways and merely wants to help them, they don't believe him. Masayuki comes looking for them to bring them back to class, and Garai vanishes. Makoto figures out that Garai is possessing Masayuki, though he doesn't know why. He wants to confront Masayuki directly about it.

Kazuki leads the way to Masayuki's house, where they argue with Garai again, ordering him to leave the boy alone. Masayuki hears them and comes out to greet them, whereupon Garai fades out. They can tell that Masayuki isn't exactly possessed, yet Garai is bound to him in some way. Masayuki shows them around his greenhouse, which affords Makoto the opportunity to use his magic sight to draw the truth from the reflection in the glass walls. When he does, he sees Masayuki as Bishuu.

Garai appears to him and confirms that Bishuu has reincarnated as the human Masayuki, with no magic whatsoever. Makoto realizes that he had been tricked earlier; Garai isn't free, he's still sealed, and that's why he's stuck with Masayuki. He only wants the boys' power so he can break the seal. Garai insists that he's the injured party, that Bishuu had ungratefully turned against his loving father, which makes Makoto so angry he breaks out of the vision in tears. He's determined to believe in Bishuu.

Makoto is frustrated that Kazuki still doesn't remember the whole story of why Bishuu divided his power into the two of them. Makoto admits that he himself doesn't fully understand the extent of the power he wields, remembering a time as a child when he accidentally killed a puppy with magic. When some girls start chattering about why the two of them look so much alike, Makoto stomps off, upset that Kazuki isn't taking the situation seriously enough. He grumbles that Kazuki could see Garai if only he hadn't been so slow "awakening" his memories.

On his way home, Kazuki runs into a classmate who suddenly tries to go after Bishuu's voice. When she comes to her senses, it occurs to him that she had been possessed by a demon. It's a servant of Garai, trapped for hundreds of years, who wants revenge against Bishuu now that someone has set her free. Meanwhile, Makoto muses that he had expected all his fears to go away once he had located Kazuki, but instead he's now afraid that normal humans like the two of them won't be able to handle the demon power that's been entrusted to them.

The demon, Kuguno, attacks Kazuki, believing that he is Bishuu from his voice. Makoto senses the danger and searches for him with magic, puzzled because the demons that Bishuu sealed shouldn't have been able to get free without power equal to or greater than Bishuu's. Masayuki spots him on the school roof and yells at him for being in such a dangerous place, urging him to come in out of the rain. Promising to explain later, Makoto tells him to stay put and then heads off to help Kazuki.

Kuguno figures out that Kazuki isn't Bishuu when he can't see her--he has to rely on sound to locate her. While Garai bemoans being trapped with a powerless human, something demonic invades the room near Masayuki. Kazuki blasts Kuguno, figuring that a big enough explosion will hit the target even if he can't see to aim. Unfortunately, he underestimates his power and damages the surrounding buildings as well (like Makoto had done with the puppy). It finally sinks in what they've really inherited.

Makoto tells Kazuki that he had promised he'd explain to Masayuki about his purple eyes. He's used to making up excuses to cover for them. He recalls how even his parents had been creeped out by his eyes, not wanting him to look at them and wondering if he was really their child or a monster. He's come not to care what happens to himself as Makoto, it's Wakyou he sees as his real self. Kazuki is exactly the opposite--he sees his life as Sakuya as all in the past.

Kazuki apologizes for his earlier failure, for letting Kuguno discover so quickly that he wasn't Bishuu. He wants to be more helpful. Before Makoto can reply, they sense that something's happening with Garai. They arrive at the classroom to find only Masayuki's jacket left behind. Kazuki is mad at himself for not protecting him, but Makoto knows that Garai won't let him die. If that happens, Garai will be forced to accompany him to his next reincarnation. That's why Bishuu rid himself of his magic--to trap Garai and make him as powerless as possible, punishing him by binding him to the one thing he hates most: humans.

Makoto is going to set himself up as the real Bishuu, making himself bait to attract the demons. When they begin coming, he puts on an act to fool them, hoping it will draw all their attention to him and they'll ignore Masayuki. Unable to see the demons, Kazuki can only stare helplessly as Makoto is dragged through the floor and vanishes.

Kazuki listens to the news of the explosion, knowing that he was responsible and that only Makoto's magic prevented it from causing greater injury. He also sees Masayuki's parents, who are distressed at their son's disappearance. He leaves school early, bothered by a voice urging him to follow after Makoto and do something to help. The owner of the voice claims he's right in front of Kazuki's eyes, yet he can't see anything. The voice promises to take him to Bishuu's current location.

First the demon takes him to Makoto's place (where he lives alone). Kazuki imagines he must be very lonely without family supporting him. Outside the window, a young girl is hit by a car. When she looks up at him, she has the purple eyes of a demon. It was the one who had spoken to him, possessing a body that would otherwise have died in order to be visible to him. Kazuki is angry that the demon would do such a thing, but he can't bring himself to hurt what looks like a little girl. The demon introduces himself as Ruki, saying he wants to help Sakuya, insisting that he respected Bishuu.

Kazuki refuses to believe it, yelling that he's not Sakuya, he'll fight as he is in his present life. He rages off and goes home. He comments to his sister that they don't resemble each other very much, considering that they're siblings, and she responds that their personalities are perfectly matched--there's no doubt they're related. He thanks her and puts her in a trance, saying he'll be gone for a while. He still doesn't trust Ruki, but he doesn't have any better ideas for saving his friends. Ruki takes him through a hole in the kekkai and they wind up in the Makai, floating above the village where Bishuu, Wakyou, and Sakuya used to live.

End Volume 1