Angry at Lifang's disobedience, Yanlang drains him mercilessly. He can feel that Tuoren has become calmer and stronger in even just that short amount of time with Lifang. Long reports to Wang the status of the other warriors--that Baos and Shun were defeated, and Hulei is holding the unconscious Xionglin as if to guard against death's messenger. Wang is excited to be able to fight such a skilled opponent. Long still has the scars on his arms from their last confrontation during the war. He thinks back to being held in Huzhi's arms while the doctor worked at healing him and thanks Wang for providing him with a good memory, saying Wang will never feel such happiness as long as he lives.

Wang believes people are meant to fight and kill each other, that men will always get fed up with living a plain life and want something more thrilling. Where weapons exist, there will be war. Long argues that the end result of attempting to dominate others is that you merely wind up alone. He remembers Huzhi saying she wants him to be the one to defeat Wang. Nasha urges Jing to help, but he replies that he'd only get in the way. Finally Long sends his opponent plummeting from a cliff in flames. Sensing that Long is hurting, Huzhi comes to check on him. When she holds him, grateful he's alive, he revels in how good she smells.

Lifang realizes that Tuoren is sticking close to him to shield him because he was drained past the point of being able to defend himself. Suddenly he hears a new, gentle voice speaking to him. Yanlang tries to move the battle to another location so Lifang's presence won't interfere, but Lifang won't let Tuoren go, afraid he'll be killed. Tuoren reminds his partner that it's an opponent he has to fight anyway; besides, he promised Lifang he would defeat Yanlang and he won't go back on his word.

Reishia's spirit appears to Lifang and tells him to listen, to find Tuoren inside his heart. His eyes fill with tears as he remembers bit by bit how important it is that he and Tuoren be together. He remembers how hard Tuoren has been striving to return him to normal, and his mother comments on what a wonderful person he has in his life. She urges him to go to his partner's side. As soon as the spell on him fades completely, his power returns, and he sends it out to help all the other warriors.

Xionglin regains consciousness, and though Hulei tries to hide how worried he had been, he gets a kiss of gratitude. Those seriously injured in Jusenkai begin to recover, including Fengyu, to the emperor's vast relief. Tuoren and Yanlang fight as their previous incarnations had so long ago. Even Lifang's bou snaps in Tuoren's hand under the strain.

Tuoren decides to concentrate a huge burst of energy in a single attack, using the broken bou as a spear. Yanlang raises his hand to block, but Lifang pins him, allowing the bou to pass through his own body to impale the adversary. Yanlang pushes him away into Tuoren's arms, where he heals his wound. Lifang apologizes for having hurt his partner and swears that they'll fight together, never alone again.

Yanlang remembers the bou from when he had confronted Lifong. He had insisted that Reishia would still be alive, with him, if it hadn't been for the human. However, he refused to believe that what he felt for her was love. He killed Lifong and returned to Jusenkai in a confused haze, convincing himself that he could never have such emotions. He heals the stab wound and returns to the battle...but this time Tuoren and Lifang are fighting as a team.

End Volume 12