Linghoa attempts to kill Lifang out of jealousy, but her action was anticipated. Tuoren closes in on the caves where the rebels have been hiding. He finds articles of Lifang's clothing left behind as well as Linghoa, yet the rest have already gone. Linghoa is desperate to redeem herself by at least taking Tuoren with her into death; instead, he saves her life, advising her to forget about Yanlang for her own good.

She taunts him that he'll never compare to Yanlang, that not even his determination will enable him to get revenge. When he asks what she means by "revenge," she spills the information about how he had killed Lifang's father. She adds that she's quite aware Yanlang's heart has always belonged to one woman, she just doesn't know to whom. Finally she collapses the cliff wall on top of herself out of shame at being rescued.

Hulei catches up to Tuoren and comforts him from the depression of realizing his father had caused Lifang so much pain. (Then Xionglin comes up and accuses them of flirting...) Tuoren regains his composure and sets off leading the others in Lifang's direction.

Watching Lifang struggle with the implanted memory, Yanlang flashes back to stumbling upon Reishia after she ran away to Chijoukai. He orders her to give over her child to him to raise, but she protests she doesn't have one. She begs him not to be led astray by his past life, not to repeat the ancient war. He figures out she does have a child when she's willing to go with him if that'll make him stop his plans. She yells for Lifong to run, but Yanlang spots him and attacks, so she throws herself in front of the blast.

Shun and Baos are sent to delay the rescue team, buying time for Lifang's brainwashing to be complete. Hulei and Xionglin stay to face them, Xionglin fighting to find out why he's always paralyzed when confronting his former teacher. Shun mocks Xionglin for daring to face the one who taught him everything he knows. Shenwu goes out as well, expecting never to return. He had always wanted to be of service to Yanlang because of the loneliness in his eyes that matched his own. At last Lifang awakens.

Among the combatants, Baos is impressed by how much Hulei has improved. Xionglin, on the other hand, still can't fight back against Shun. Tuoren can sense that something has changed about his partner's ki. Analyzing the enemy's tactics, he figures out what Yanlang must be doing to him. Shun reveals his use of the power of suggestion to incapacitate Xionglin. He did it because he hadn't wanted to fight his star pupil on the battlefield.

Just as Shun begins draining his student's energy, Hulei knocks him away, shouting passionately, "Don't you mess with him! He's mine!!" (He quickly backtracks and says, "His *power* is mine.") He agrees to take on both opponents at once to afford Xionglin time to recover. (Xionglin marvels at what a wonderful man he is in such a time of crisis.) Shenwu shows up to pair off with Nasha, leaving Tuoren to advance alone.

Xionglin makes up his mind that he doesn't want to be saved at the expense of his partner's life. He envisions Hulei assuring him that Shun is nothing to be afraid of. He joins the battle with the confidence that time and Hulei's encouragement have finally broken the spell he was under. Insisting (for Hulei's peace of mind) that his power returned when the fear vanished, he takes on Shun. Shun, disappointed that the connection to Hulei is stronger than to himself, decides he'd rather bury his student than let him be taken by someone else.

Baos is thrown off balance by his opponent's refusal to tire, even though he ought to have long since been rendered unable to move. Seeing that his partner might be winning, Xionglin determines he can do no less and gathers up his remaining energy for one last attack. Shun is stunned, refusing to believe that his student could have that much power left. Hulei finally knocks his opponent off a cliff and runs to catch Xionglin, who collapses after his blast defeats Shun. Hulei holds his grievously wounded partner and begs him to hold on.

End Volume 10