Yuki's power overloads the scientists' device. He gets a flash of memory of someone explaining that Veszelyite indicates the locations of all the other Stones, then someone shouts "Traitor!" and there are shattered pieces of rock flying everywhere. Sakura uses Opal and flies to Yuki, announcing that the two of them are the same. The man from the Health Administration claims it's his duty to confine them for the sake of the planet. He tries to capture them, but they've already teamed up to fly to the next Stone, and he gets stranded in outer space.

Yuki is stricken that he "killed" the man and tries to set off alone. He figures that way he wouldn't cause any more trouble for anyone. However, he collapses in tears over not knowing who he is or why he should search for more Stones. Sakura holds him and declares he won't leave Yuki. Yuki is the one he's been seeking, someone like him who can fly and live together with him forever. Yuki realizes that the warmth of Sakura's arms feels very good, and he returns the embrace. He had never imagined that the knowledge that he's not alone could be so reassuring--but then he blushes when he notices the turn his reminiscing has taken.

Kilva now possesses Spinel, Topaz, and Gold. He meets with a woman who has a Stone called Seran. She's grateful to Kilva for bringing back her memory. She wants to stay with him, partly because he's the person she likes second-best, and partly because she simply doesn't want to be alone. Kilva decides he should follow after Yuki and take away any new Stones as they're discovered. The woman asks Kilva to leave it up to her.

Yuki and Sakura say their goodbyes to Sun and Light before heading off toward the next Stone. They run into a boy who tells them that all the people have gathered to see someone named Shulia. Sakura intends to rest, but Yuki has the feeling a Stone is nearby. They enter a huge hall filled with people. As they listen to Shulia, a hooded man on the stage, their Stones react to the proximity of another. Shulia uses the glowing light of Corundum to heal a man in front of everyone. Shulia heals one person every "Worry Day," and people pay huge amounts of money to buy a chance to be the one chosen.

Shulia leaves the stage, and the two rush to catch him. Yuki bumps into the woman in the crowd. Sakura tries to meet Shulia, but he's turned away by beefy guards. While Yuki tends to the woman's injured ankle, she activates Seran, a Stone with the power to charm people. At first she thinks it made Yuki her love-slave, but it had no effect. Instead, he's thrilled to meet another Stone-bearer. Suddenly Sakura locates him, upset that Yuki had run off to pick up a girl.

The woman muses that he wouldn't recognize her now even if he did have his memory. She understands how Kilva must feel at seeing the "new" Sakura, who doesn't act at all like his former self. She pretends that she's in the same situation as they are, overjoyed to meet others like herself.

The young boy Yuki and Sakura saw upon their arrival buys a lottery ticket for Shulia's healing in exchange for a family treasure. Shulia has collected a fortune by this time. He pulls his hood back, revealing that he's a young man with wedge-shaped tattoos around his eyes. He's the leader of a gang whose members all have the same tattoos. He received Corundum from someone else, and even using it once a day leaves him exhausted.

Yuki and Sakura are both taken with the pretty woman and want to know more about her. She introduces herself as Dariya and demonstrates the power of Seran by charming a young man away from his girlfriend...then charming the girl as well. She claims that she has no memory either. In her heart she resolves not to tell them anything about the past. She goes home, promising to meet them the next day.

The waiter comes with their bill, but of course they have no money. It turns out he's the older brother of the boy with the lottery card, Ton. The brother is angry that Ton used the scroll, left by their late father, yet Ton claims healing their grandmother is more important than the scroll. The brother asks Yuki and Sakura to look after Ton and the grandmother in exchange for the bill. He checks Yuki for tattoos, saying he'll explain later.

Dariya vows to get Veszelyite under her control. She plans to find a way to meet up with Shulia to obtain Corundum. The brother, En, escorts Yuki and Sakura to his home, a small cottage in the "country" dome. He introduces them to his grandmother, and Sakura offers to make supper. Yuki goes out in search of Ton. He comes to the boy's rescue just as a man tries to steal the lottery card, then whisks him off back home.

After Ton falls asleep that night, En tells the visitors how his parents died. They had been driving when they were attacked by the Jurigno bandit gang, the ones marked with tattoos on their faces. Meanwhile, Shulia's men want to take a break from the healing racket--they've just about wrung all the money they can from the "rich" dome--and go back to their usual ways. Shulia seems reluctant. Dariya charms her way in to meet with him. She wonders if Seran doesn't work on others who have Stones, but it's her only chance.

While Yuki and Sakura tend to Ton, En reassures his grandmother that everything will be all right. Ton says it feels like his mother and father are with him to have Yuki and Sakura there--though they're both "mother." Sakura acts excited to be Yuki's "wife." En is glad to see his brother happy.

Dariya offers to give Shulia back his memory, but she's startled to discover she doesn't recognize him. She doesn't understand how he can have Corundum when he's not an official Vessel. He admits a man gave it to him and asks if she's really Dariya. Her Seran has no effect on him, though the besotted gang members charge to her rescue. She's disappointed that she isn't of any use.

On her way out, she bumps into Yuki, who was going to the restaurant to wait for her. She tries to test whether her charm might have affected him at all by asking him to kiss her, but he gets flustered and refuses. It makes her feel she's not attractive. She asks Yuki if he'd like her even if she didn't have Seran, and he says he would, which prompts her to see if he'd stay together with only her. He won't leave Sakura for her, though he invites her to join the two of them. She yells that he doesn't really care for her, so she hates him.

End Volume 4