Sakura has a nightmare that Yuki falls from a cliff, and he's unable to do anything to help. When he awakens, he swears he'll protect Yuki. He won't let someone die and leave him behind ever again. He remembers two children who died in front of him, agonizing that he could have saved them if he had used Opal's wings at the time.

Sakura had awakened with white flower petals fluttering down on him, two children and a puppy beside him. He didn't remember anything other than having fallen. He was in a crumbling skyscraper, unable to leave. The two children were the only people around. They named him Sakura because of the petals where they found him.

Sakura searched in vain for an exit. The boy told him that a bundle of food is tossed in for them once a week, and that there's no way out. The girl believed that their mother brought the food for them. The girl showed Sakura a telescope peeking through a boarded up window. Looking through it, Sakura saw lots of people not visible from anywhere else. The girl picked one woman out as their mother.

The girl told her puppy to fetch their mother and threw it out the window. They boy explained to Sakura that they have a disease that infects only the planet's natives. There used to be many children quarantined together in the building, but the rest all died. The boy didn't want his sister to know the truth, so he lied and said everyone else went to the outside world. The sister was excited that the puppy would bring their mother, but when the brother found out what she had done, he started crying.

Time passed, and the dead puppy didn't return. The girl wanted to see her mother, to have the mother heal their disease and take away the pain. Sakura wanted to help but didn't know what to do. He tried to break out to look for a cure, but the boy stopped him, saying they were sealed in the building so they could live longer. They heard the girl crying and ran to find her trying to jump from the building to join her mother. She refused to come back to safety, maintaining that they should all go and live happily together. The cliff begins to break up, dropping the girl. Not wanting to be left alone, and knowing his disease is incurable, the brother leapt after her. Sakura reached out for them and the rocks crumbled from beneath him.

Falling, he activated Opal by instinct. Unfortunately, by the time he realized he could fly, the two children were already dead. Surrounding the building was nothing but a barren desert, with no sign of the people he had seen through the telescope. He discovered a computer that had been left to care for the survivors of the disease, providing them with anything they wanted. Once the last survivors died, it shut itself off. Sakura used his wings to fly to another planet and vowed he would never go through that experience again.

Now that he has found Yuki, someone just like him who can live along with him, he refuses to lose that bond. He'll do anything for the two of them to stay together.

Kilva watches the unconscious Yuki, from whom he was unable to take Veszelyite. He opens a portal to bring Sakura to them. Sakura is frantic that Yuki won't wake up. Kilva tries to reassure him that there's no harm done, but Sakura warns him to keep his hands off. Yuki awakens at last, and Sakura carries him back to their friends, saying he'll never forgive Kilva for what he's done.

They return to Sun and Light, who has his voice back. He doesn't reveal that he has recovered his memory as well. He's puzzled that Sakura doesn't remember. Yuki and Sakura rest after their adventure. Light sneaks out to discuss the matter with Kilva, who is surprised at how strongly Veszelyite is guarded despite Yuki's amnesia. He believes only one person will be able to take it, and so he needs to have that person--Sakura--regain his memory. Light is afraid he'll have to leave Sun now that he remembers, but Kilva tells him to stay.

Kilva confronts Sakura and offers to tell him about their past, but Sakura doesn't want to hear it. He won't trust anything Kilva says anyway. Kilva tries to force him to remember. Light talks with Yuki, privately wondering whether it's a good thing that Yuki and Sakura are friends. He thinks they might be better off without their memory. He never imagined that he would ever feel Yuki's warmth.

Believing that releasing a Stone will bring Sakura's memory back as it did for Light, Kilva takes Topaz. He explains that they need Veszelyite to get all the other Stones, and only Sakura can take it. Sakura snarls that Veszelyite is Yuki's Stone, and he doesn't want to steal it. Kilva is shocked that his memory didn't return. He insists that one day Sakura will take Veszelyite, then he uses Gold to teleport away.

Sakura plops back into bed and snuggles up to Yuki.

Kilva asks Light to tell Sakura about the past, since Sakura would likely trust him, but the boy can't do it. Seeing Sakura and Yuki together, Light can't bring himself to reveal the truth.

Yuki's first memory is of white snowflakes falling on him, then Sakura finding him. He is amazed by the warmth. Sakura takes him to the place where he's staying. Yuki is dazed and has no idea who he is. Sakura sympathizes with his condition and names Yuki the same way he had been named. Just as he suggests their meeting must have been fate, Yuki feels the need to "get back" something, and their Stones react to one another.

They're visited by a representative of the Health Administration. He claims he wants to examine them to make sure they didn't bring anything harmful to the planet with them. If they pass, they can become citizens. Yuki doesn't want to cooperate, since he doesn't intend to stay long, he needs to search for the Stones. The man offers to help him in his search in exchange for submitting to the exam.

Yuki agrees immediately, which pisses off Sakura. What really hurt Sakura, however, was that Yuki had told the man that "Yuki" wasn't his name--which is true, but it made Sakura feel rejected. They go together to meet with the man, who asks them to give as many details as they can remember. Yuki sees himself falling amid many shattered Stones, trying desperately to get them. Next the two are taken to be decontaminated.

Yuki is placed in a device that is supposed to help his recall. The man in charge of the administration thinks that they are dangerous, because they managed to arrive on the planet without passing any checkpoints. He believes them to be a threat. The device leaves Yuki incredibly sleepy. Sakura is worried about him, but Yuki wants to keep trying.

As the experimenters send Yuki deeper and deeper into his memory, Sakura's Stone begins glowing in response. Yuki's brain waves go wild, and he activates Veszelyite for the first time.

End Volume 3