Sakura and Yuki head for the next Stone, knowing only that it shows up as a beautiful red light on the map. They arrive at the planet, but they have trouble locating which city it's in. Yuki wishes they had a better way of searching. He goes home after work, where Sakura has supper ready for him. Sakura says he should rest, he's been overworking Veszelyite, but Yuki protests that they have to find the next stone. Sakura admits that, if the Stones had gone to Yuki instead, they might have brought back some of his memory. He challenges Yuki to go ahead and take them--carve them out of his body if necessary. Yuki refuses, saying he wouldn't go that far, privately thinking Sakura is scary when he's angry. He agrees to take Sakura's advice and rest the next day, which will be a festival.

In the morning, when Sakura goes to work (as a cook), he asks his boss to teach him how to make even more delicious things for Yuki to eat, since that's the one thing he can do to cheer him up. (The girls around sigh that they wish they could be the ones eating Sakura's love-filled meals.) The observer from before comes up to the food stall, but leaves without saying anything when Sakura doesn't recognize him. Yuki goes to watch a performing troupe that showcases the unusual. The first act is a boy who produces jewels from his body, "Light, the Red Stone." Yuki tests Veszelyite to see if it reacts, and the red light goes crazy as crystals grow from the boy, who looks up and spots him in the audience.

Backstage, Light tells his friend Sun telepathically that he's found someone else like himself who has a Stone. Yuki tries to meet him but isn't allowed through. Since he's been working on the janitorial staff, however, he knows how to sneak in. In Light's room, a pair of thugs breaks in to try to steal the jewels. Sun shouts at him to make the jewels disappear, but he doesn't want to lose the connection to Yuki. The thugs cut the jewels from his body, but as soon as they're removed they vanish. Yuki bursts into the room, but he's clubbed from behind. Sun is shoved out the window when he tries to help. Sakura sees him falling and catches him with Topaz.

Light uses the distraction to make the remaining jewels disappear, then Sakura comes charging through the window, demanding to know what they're doing to Yuki. When he sees Yuki's condition, he telekinetically slams the door to prevent the thugs from escaping and dangles them out the window. Sun explains that Light's ability to make jewels appear leads to him being targeted by people like the thugs. As the three Stone-bearers trade introductions, Sun steps outside to give them time alone. Light tells them that the only thing he remembers is that the Stones all used to be one.

Sun fetches a first aid kit, musing that Light will probably leave the troupe now that he's found others like himself. Light elaborates upon his memory, saying that he remembers himself speaking at one point and hearing a voice respond, "The Stones are one." He can't speak--he thinks he lost his voice as a result of falling to this planet--but Spinel allows him to convey what he wants telepathically. He then adds that he's ready to entrust Spinel to them. He's okay with not being able to communicate, so he doesn't need it anymore. They invite him to travel with them, but he insists that all he wants to do is give them the Stone.

Yuki and Sakura ponder what to do. Sakura worries that Yuki will leave him and choose to be with Light. (Yuki-"That's not the point!" Sakura-"Which do you like better, him or me?") Sun and Light discuss what will happen once Spinel is gone. Sun knows Light hates being on display, and without the Stone he'll be free to leave the troupe. He's startled when Light proclaims he won't leave, he'll stay and help in any way he can, and though he might not be able to speak, he's sure Sun will understand him. He wants to say one last thing while he can still use words, "Thank you, and..." But before he can finish, the robed observer looms next to them and makes Sun vanish. He greets Light as "Erirazu."

The robed man commends him for being able to absorb even one Stone and says that he'll take Spinel off his hands. Sun, who had been teleported out to the hall, can't get back in through the locked door so he runs for help. Since the troupe members don't care, he asks Sakura and Yuki. They run up to Light, but it's too late, the robed man has already taken Spinel and he can't talk. Using his fingers to draw words on their palms, he apologizes that he can't give the Stone to Sakura and Yuki as he had promised. Then he asks Sun to help teach him another act to perform so he can remain with the troupe, starting with Sun's specialty, knives.

Before Yuki can tell Sakura where Spinel has gone, the robed man appears next to him. The man assures Yuki that there's no need to worry about Erirazu. He asks why Yuki is gathering Stones, and Yuki replies that it's the only option he has to find out about himself. Sakura and Sun go out walking, looking for where Yuki has wandered off. Sun discusses how much Light had hoped to find others like him, had put himself on display as his only chance of attracting attention, even though it usually attracted the wrong kind of people. Even so, despite all he went through, the only time Sun ever saw him cry was when he finally met Sakura and Yuki.

Sun admits that he was overjoyed when Light told him he'd stay with the troupe, because he loves Light and wants to be with him. He's ashamed that he had first wished others like Light wouldn't show up, since he figured Light would leave with them. Sakura comforts him, telling him that what makes Light strong is having Sun--he knows, because having Yuki is what makes him strong. Sakura doesn't particularly care about discovering his past, but because Yuki is afraid of the uncertainty, he helps out as much as he can. He loves Yuki just as Sun loves Light.

Yuki wants to let Sakura know that he's met up with the robed stranger, but the man takes over, using Gold to teleport and grab Sakura. Using Spinel he conveys telepathically, "Yuki will never return. You're alone." Then he drops Sakura back onto the street and disappears. Refusing to accept that, Sakura flies off to search. He locates them, but before he can get Yuki back, the stranger teleports them away. Yuki demands to know why Sakura couldn't come with him, and the stranger replies, "Oh, so do you think it's okay for him to hear what I have to tell you about the past?" Yuki wants to know if there's something bad that Sakura shouldn't hear, but the stranger only tells him that he figured it was better if they found out separately, because he doesn't know how they'll react.

As his power fades from too much use, Sakura vows to rescue Yuki before the stranger can steal Veszelyite from him. The stranger introduces himself to Yuki as Kilva, one of the ten people allowed to be vessels for the Stones. Sun goes to tell Light what happened and discovers that Light is starting to be able to talk again. Light has finally regained his memory. Kilva says he'll tell Yuki everything, but only after Yuki gives up Veszelyite. When Yuki struggles, he tries taking it by force, yet he can't get it. Out in the countryside, Sakura collapses, still promising to find Yuki and protect him.

End Volume 2