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Affiliated with the Shire of Cynnabar
Ann Arbor, Michigan

Last Updated: 4/23/97

Bedlam Players meetings are held every Tuesday night from 7:30-9:30pm at Chuck Cohen's house. Email him at charles@eecs.umich.edu for directions. New participants are strongly encouraged to attend. You should also contact Chuck if you wish to be added to the Bedlam Players email loop.


Shakespeare Redux
[Cast: 10-15, depending on who plays double roles]
Yes, Bedlam is at last performing Shakespeare...with a twist. Cast includes a fair sampling of his most well-known characters, with Hamlet and Ophelia in starring roles.

Past Performances

The Grand Masquerade
[Cast: 3]
A lady struggles to come to terms with her arranged marriage, while her maid debates the nature of honesty in relationships.

The Midwinter Babe
[Cast: 5]
A childless couple offers shelter to three desperate travelers.

Saint George and the Bandit--er, Dragon
[Cast: 5]
An aspiring writer illustrates the creative process with stream-of-consciousness narration.

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