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Conferences I am co-organizing:

Fall 2020: Women in Numbers 5, TBA
TBA: Stacks Project Workshop 2, TBA

Jul-Aug 2017: Stacks Project Workshop, Ann Arbor
Apr 2015: AWM Research Symposium: Special Session on Number Theory, College Park, MD
Jun 2012: MRC on Arithmetic Statistics, Snowbird

Upcoming and recent conference/workshop travel:

Aug 2019: Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry, Ann Arbor
Jul 2019: Rational Points 2019, Schney
Jun 2019: Rational points on irrational varieties, IHP, Paris
May 2019: Recent Progress in Moduli Theory, MSRI
Mar 2019: AMS Sectional Meeting, Honolulu
Nov 2018: Arithmetic and L-functions, Besançon

Oct 2018: GROW 2018: Graduate Research Opportunities for Women, Ann Arbor
Sep 2018: Open questions in number theory and cryptography, Irvine
Aug 2018: Arithmetic of Curves, Baskerville Hall
Jul 2018: Arithmetic Statistics and Diophantine Stability, Fondation des Treilles
May 2018: Rational and Integral Points via Analytic and Geometric Methods, Oaxaca
April 2018: Arithmetic of algebraic curves, UW-Madison
Oct 2017: Southern California Number Theory Day, UC Irvine
Oct 2017: WAGS, UCLA
Sept 2017: Arithmetic of Hyperelliptic Curves, Trieste
Jul-Aug 2017: Stacks Project Workshop, Ann Arbor
Jul 2017: Rational Points 2017, Schney
Jun 2017: Max Planck Institute, Bonn
May 2017: Arithmetic Aspects of Explicit Moduli Problems, Banff
May 2017: Geometric Methods in Number Theory and Representation Theory, Northwestern
April/May 2017: Emphasis year in Algebraic Geometry, Number Theory and Physics, Northwestern
Mar 2017: Elliptic Curves, Torsors, and L-functions, UVA
Nov 2016: Fields Medal Symposium, Fields Institute, Toronto
Sept 2016: Recent Developments on Elliptic Curves, Oxford
Aug 2016: ANTS-XII, Kaiserslautern
Jul 2016: Higher Dimensional Algebraic Geometry, Salt Lake City
July 2016: Arithmetic statistics and the Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics, Warwick
May 2016: The Galois theory of orbits in arithmetic dynamics, AIM
Dec 2015: RTG Workshop on Arithmetic Dynamics, Ann Arbor
Nov 2015: JHU-UMD Algebra and Number Theory Day, College Park
July 2015: AMS Summer Institute in Algebraic Geometry, Salt Lake City
July 2015: Explicit Methods in Number Theory, Oberwolfach
June/July 2015: Rational Points 2015, Franken-Akademie Schloss Schney
May 2015: Chicago Number Theory Day, UIC
May 2015: Women and Mathematics, IAS
Apr 2015: AWM Research Symposium, College Park, MD
Feb 2015: Bay Area Algebraic Number Theory and Arithmetic Geometry Day 10, Santa Cruz
Nov 2014: Counting arithmetic objects (Ranks of elliptic curves), Montreal
Aug 2014: Algebraic geometry: New connections for recent PhDs, Seattle
Jun-Jul 2014: Counting arithmetic objects, CRM Summer School, Montreal
Apr 2014: AGNES, Stony Brook
Apr 2014: WIN3: Women in Numbers 3, Banff
Mar 2014: Arizona Winter School: Arithmetic Statistics, Tucson
Feb 2014: Southern California Algebraic Geometry Seminar, USC
Oct 2013: AGNES, Boston College
Jul 2013: Rational Points 2013, Schloss Thurnau
Jul 2013: Conference on Algebraic Geometry, Amsterdam
May 2013: Atkin Memorial Workshop on Cohen-Lenstra Heuristics, UIC
Apr 2013: AMS Sectional Meeting, Boulder
Jan 2013: Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Diego
Dec 2012: Palmetto Number Theory Series XIX, University of South Carolina
Nov 2012: Arithmetic of Abelian Varieties in Families as part of the semester on Rational Points and Algebraic Cycles
Sep 2012: Selmer Groups, Descent and the Distribution of Ranks as part of the Warwick Number Theory Symposium
Aug 2012: Arithmetic Geometry at Oberwolfach
Jun 2012: MRC on Arithmetic Statistics, Snowbird