This is a draft. It’s fine to circulate it, and even cite it, but it is very much subject to change. If people point out mistakes, I’ll fix them. If people suggest new studies to add, I’ll add them. I’ll try to do so in ways that leave the section numbering intact. So if you want to cite a particular section, you can. (There aren’t any page numbers of course.) But the figure numbering and table numbering are automatic, and might get altered if things change. In any case, if you cite it while it is in draft form, make sure you note the date you accessed it.

I had been hoping to have a finished draft by the end of March 2020, but the virus got in the way. And I’d been hoping to use the summer to find a way to get it published as an open access book with a university press. But the virus might get in the way of that too, since publishing things open access costs money, and there isn’t as much of it around as there used to be. So I’m not sure exactly what the plans are going forward with this work. (It’s obviously unprintable.) But if something happens, I’ll change this part of the text. And if it can’t get published officially, I’m perfectly happy for it to circulate in this form.

The portentious ‘Volume 1’ in the subtitle is because I have a number of ideas for how to think about the history of philosophy journals. My first project along these lines involved looking at citation patterns, and a version of that might yet be Volume 2. But all of this is vaporware for now; the subtitle is just a way of leaving options open.

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