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Dr. William S. Currie
School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE)
University of Michigan

  Bill Currie

News and Events


Davis, Anthony, Stephanie Hart, William Currie. "What We Waste: Following the Life of our Waste." Poster presentation at 2015 Spring Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Symposium

Wang, Julia, Stephanie Hart, William Currie. "Historical Great Lakes: A Look at Socio-Economic Census Data." Poster presentation at 2015 Spring Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program Symposium

Currie, William S., Laura L Bourgeau-Chavez, Kenneth J. Elgersma, Nancy H F French, Deborah E. Goldberg, Stephanie Hart, David W Hyndman, Anthony D Kendall, Sherry L Martin, and Jason P. Martina.  "Linking a Large-Watershed Hydrogeochemical Model to a Wetland Community-Ecosystem Model to Estimate Plant Invasion Risk in the Coastal Great Lakes Region, USA." Oral presentation at 2014 AGU Fall Meeting, December 15-19, 2014.


Work is underway on a grant from the U. S. Forest Service to investigate social and ecological interactions that determine forest fragmentation and tree cover. This research focuses on large-scale gradients from wildland to human-dominated landscapes across the Great Lakes region.

Bill Currie and others submitted a paper to Ecological Applications, titled "Multi-scale Heterogeneity in Vegetation and Soil Carbon in Exurban Residential Land of Southeastern MI."

Anna Brunner, Bill Currie, and Shelie Miller submitted a paper to Biomass & Bioenergy, titled "Cellulosic Ethanol Production: Landscape Scale Net Carbon Strongly affected by Forest Decision Making."


Congratulations to Gwen Oster and Meghan Hemken who have graduated from SNRE in Spring 2015!

Congratulations to Xin Xu for her acceptance to a PhD program at University of Texas!





Artist for landscape painting above left:: Sy Ellers