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Dr. William S. Currie
School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE)
University of Michigan

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News and Events


Martina, Jason P., William S. Currie, Deborah E. Goldberg, and Kenneth J. Elgersma. Physiological trait variation in plant invaders influences invasion success and C cycling across a hydrology and nitrogen gradient in a simulated wetland ecosystem.  Oral presentation at the Ecological Society of America, August 11-15, 2014, Sacramento, CA.

Currie, William S. and Stephanie K. Hart. Agriculture, forestry, and human settlements drive a regional gradient in forest fragmentation in the Great Lakes basin, USA. Oral presentation at the Ecological Society of America, August 11, 2014, Sacramento, CA.

Song, Zhiyuan, William Currie, Arun Agrawal, and Alison Steiner. Modeling the Dynamic Pattern of Household-based Forest Use Driven by Labor Availability in Rural Communities of Developing Countries. Oral presentation, AAAS Pacific Dvision Annual Meeting, June 17-20, 2014, Riverside, CA.

Martina, Jason P., William S. Currie, Deborah E. Goldberg, and Kenneth J. Elgersma.  Investigating the major drivers of C storage in coastal wetlands using a simulation model: do plant invasions matter?  Oral presentation at the Joint Aquatic Sciences Meeting, May 18-23, 2014, Portland, OR.


In collaboration with Kenneth Elgersma (University of Northern Iowa) and Deborah Goldberg (EEB Dept. here at UM), we received a new grant from the UM Water Center. We will apply our Mondrian ecosystem model to assess the likely effectiveness of wetland restoration efforts, including the burning of large areas of invasive plants, in coastal Michigan wetlands.

Lisa Fouladbash submitted a paper to Agroforestry Systems, titled "Agroforestry in Liberia: Household Practices, Perceptions and Livelihood Benefits."


Congratulations to our recent graduates Fumi Kikuyama, Bristol Mann, and Xin Xu! Bristol has started a position as a Senior Research Staff Assistant at the Internation Research Insitute for Climate and Society at Columbia University, Fumi is working as a research assistant with IFRI here in SNRE, and Xin is pursuing opportunites for future PhD programs.

Meghan Hemken will be spending the summer of 2014 interning for the Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council in Petoskey, MI. She will partake in field surveys, inventories, restoration projects, and GIS mapping and coordinating volunteer monitoring programs in the region.

Congratulations to postdoc Jason Martina, who accepted a tenure-track faculty position at Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas!

Congrats also to PhD student Liza Jenkins who welcomed baby Calder in March.




Artist for landscape painting above left:: Sy Ellers