Presents an LSA First Year Seminar

Writing the Information Superhighway

UC 153.005(Winter 1995)

Facilitated by:

Dr. Wayne Butler
2203 Angell Hall
Office Phone: 936-3143

Office Hours:
T: 3-5
W 9-12
Th: 3-5
and by appointment.

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As a class we've been finding and sharing ftp, gopher and WWW sites and usenet and e-mail groups related to our research interests. Most of those are now collected in our Hotlinks Research Repository.

If you are using a browser that supports web mail, you can now contact us through our class e-mail group at Drop us a line!

In an attempt to ease your efforts to create a home page, I have provided a Template you may use. To use the Home Page Template, go to that page, and go to View Source on your browser. When the HTML version of the page appears, you can revise the document to show your name and particular information. Then, save the file as index.html in the html folder of the Public folder of your IFS Home Directory.

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Modified: 3/18/95