[Guodian Laozi zhujian][Guodian Laozi zhujian]

The Guodian Laozi compared with other versions

The links below take you to scanned images, each of which gives a section of the Guodian text, together with the parallel passages in the Fu4 Yi4 version, the Wang2 Bi4 version, and both Ma3wang2dui1 versions. Once you get to a page with an image, you should be able to print it out from your browser. (NOTE: To get the proper size and resolution, set the scaling to 45% in the "Page Setup..." menu before printing.)

I have assigned a tag to each section of the text, indicated as follows:

In the table below, lower-case letters "a, b, c" refer to the beginning, middle, or ending section of a chapter in the received text.

Comparative table of text sections
links to image
A1 1-2 19 1
A2 2-5 66 1 - 2
A3 5-6 46bc 1
A4 6-8 30ab 1 - 2
A5 8-10 15 1 - 2