Jonathan's not-yet-but-but-hopefully-soon-to-be-spectacular

"But if the vision was true and mighty then, as I know, it is true and mighty yet; for such things are of the spirit, and it is in the darkness of their eyes that men get lost." - Black Elk

WARNING. Some of the images, language, and sentiments in this website might be inappropriate for younger people. Please use your judgement as appropriate.

This page may very well be under construction forever, while I try to scan in some nicer pictures for you to see. See, that's what I do; I'm an illustrator, or more accurately, I'm a student majoring in scientific illustration at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This is a huge and impersonal college which costs far too much, and which has a particularly inadequate art school, so at the moment I've been supporting myself by working as a secretary at the Great Lakes and Mid Atlantic Center for Hazardous Substance Resarch, and continually trying to learn a little more on my own.

At the moment it looks as though I'll probably transfer or drop out to seek an internship or entry-level job; my instructors have just not been encouraging, and I'm just not learning enough to justify staying at this school. Check out my online resume!

I really haven't had a terribly nice life, and I have problems with severe depression that feel almost crippling at times; I mention this to let other people with the same problem know that yeah, there are a lot of us out there. Nevertheless, I like to believe that there's some hope and light in this world. I'm continually inspired by beautiful creatures like cats, by music, and by the incredible visuals of both movies and some of the greatest artists of all time. These'd include, in no particular order, Tim Burton, Kathe Kollwitz, Berni Wrightson, Edward Hopper, Keith Parkinson, Brom, and Tony Diterlizzi. I like studying swordsmanship, mythology, and languages. At present, I'm trying to learn a little French, which is useful, and a little Gaelige - Irish - which isn't. I love cooking, though everything I cook tends to be Italianate; I'd be crippled without my garlic, oregano, and basil.

I write bad poetry on occasion, and have gotten confident enough to start writing prose fiction again for the first time in years. And if you like, here's some pretty silly stuff I've come up with while bored...

Here's a one-and-a-half-year-old picture of me. Since that time I've shaved myself bald, had that grow back, grown a goatee and shaved it, and started wearing my hair shorter. And my taste in ties has improved, too.

My eventual goals are to move to the West Coast and work in some visual arts-related field, to own a small apartment and my own car, and to find someone to share conversation, laughter, and hope.

... and now, on to the art...

Here's some older stuff, which I've put up to show you. My main interests are fantasy and natural history illustration - goodness knows where I'll actually wind up!

Confused? Curious? Like sending e-mail? Well, I love getting e-mail, so please write me at